AAR - 229th goes trackday!

229th has booked the local track for some much needed exercise! With the wonderful weather spring has thrown upon us nothing was left but to jump in our trust choppers and head towards the track!

We have not left the circuit or our little birds tell us that 104th and 373 have placed some obstacles for us! They wanted the track on the same day as well and decided to stop us at all cost!

Well, a little air defence has never stopped 229th before! … Well, never long atleast…

You see that hill on the left? We need to pass that to get to our booked running track, and we only have this afternoon! Turns out someone place a ZSU-23 and a Strela on that. Turns out us flying coffee grinder lovers are too lazy to remove the weapons from the stations. So, flip that armed switch and go to town!

Shark 1 and 2 head towards Gazelle 1 that has found a favourable position in the spring sun.

‘Baby I got my eye on you’

A pair of sharks shooting in tandem is a beautiful sight of destruction.


Weep not my child, they are but vast asleep!

10 is a casualty I am willing to accept… Or whatever, bunch of cronies. This was supposed to our day. OUR DAY…

One final explosion as the Strela also conveniently decides to give up on living and a huff of smokes marks the spot.

What’s that Gazelle 1? You say they have taken our slot?! We cannot stand for this! Let’s solve this the only way we know how! - Hint, it’s not diplomacy, or whatever.

'Vikhr Vikhr Vikhr Vikhr Vikhr Vikhr Vikhr Vikhr Mushroom Mushroom…"

The tower gave me a funny look, I swear!

Aaah, cannons. What would be do without cannons?! When you fancy yourself a flying BMP, not bound by gravity as the simpletons below!

And so, my friends, the story ends. how 229th saved trackday against all odds, against an overwhelming adversary! Once again, the free world reigns supreme by it’s beneficial overlords in the sky, raining swift justice on all those who dare to oppose it!

Look at that beautiful track!


Nice shots!