Accidentally switching language packs

So I just had a round of Arma III vanilla in Zeus mode. And I haven’t said a word to the other players, when at a sudden critical moment, I need to warn a guy of immediate danger:

“Цфеср щге! Еруку\ы фт утуьн шт ерфе игшдвштп!” Watch out! There’s an enemy in that building

Don’t read my message, 'cause I know what I said! Guy goes right ahead and dies!

“Вшвт\е нщг дшыеут ещ црфе Ш ыфшв_” Didn’t you listen to what I said?

Oh. I have Cyrillic language pack installed and two of the most used buttons in the game Alt and Shift (I tend to look around right before I start running) changes the windows language pack >_<


Ш лтщц рщц ерфе аууды

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Der’ mates ne’er ‘ear wah b’ told. ‘tis a wonder they ‘ave nah al’ join’d ol’ Davy in 'is locker, doncha know?

Ah, I can read a little Cyrillic, I got this:

Tsfesr shgye! Yerookoo\ye ft ootun sht yerfye igshdvshtl.

I might be misplacing the dialect, but I think that translates to “help me, I’m having a stroke.”


I think it’s a Slavic Klingon