Ace Combat 7 mission 4 highlights

Ya I know, it’s a arcade, console game… that’s why I dare not post this in the flight sim category, lol… hey, it sucks… the story sucks, the flight model sucks… but it’s all us console gamers have… maybe DCS could release a Lock On for consoles, todays consoles could do it… but they won’t so don’t hang me for the comment. lol

Anyway… it’s action… it’s fun… it’s ridiculous… highlights from mission 4… a clip from my cockpit view, the rest are done via a nice replay tool that turns the mission you just did into a action movie… also NOT shown is a pretty awesome tac view replay… showing what you did in a digital AAR review map of X’s and o"s along with flight and weapon info… Like I said… it’s a game, not a sim… the best us console gamers can get.


Didn’t see or read that post, I’m waiting for the PC release on February 1st and don’t want to be spoiled.

:see_no_evil::hear_no_evil: LALALALALALALALALA!!!

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It’s an excellent game. I remember back in the simhq days a RL fighter pilot called that more realistic feeling than more serious sims because of its frantic nature. Dunno if that’s true but I never forgot and I have loved AC 4, 5, 0 and 6 to bits. The cheese is real, and boy does it taste good :smiley:

Good job on the vid m8, looks jummy!

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I don’t agree with the excellent or even good game, but opinions are like… lol… it’s fun, and that’s about it for me. imo

as for the video, I didn’t even know it comes out on PC, but not really any spoilers in it, just the usual fighting as in all the missions.

Naaah, we’re not extremists.
A game that’s good to play it’s a good game. :slight_smile: