Acer Predator

Because why not.

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Mudspike definitely needs a review sample…

Will be good for the Health & Fitness workout goals. Luggables always seem to be around, and I wonder if 99% of them are for sales demos. You can spot the sales reps with the bad backs…


I had a 17" Toshiba I lugged around flying for a couple years. Man…I think I actually had to offload fuel to bring that thing aboard…


Same thing here. I have a 17inch ASUS G75 Gaming laptop which I took with me on the road all the time, but it is heavy. I now mostly travel with my iPad Pro (the large screen one). So much lighter! After getting my Rift and new PC in April last year I don’t do much flat screen gaming anymore, so the iPad is a better fit for me when traveling. There was a time when I would take a joystick and Track-IR along with me as well. LOL.