Aces High III VR

By more simplistic modeling I’m sure you’re referencing the lack of functioning buttons and switches in Aces High compared to DCS where every switch/function because the actual flight itself in Aces is second to none from what I hear from the real life pilots that play. To be honest I love every flight game I can play and enjoy. Aces High is still a new game to me and it runs smooth.
I want to also say thank you all for the kind and well written replies. I have learned from all of them and It is a rare pleasure to see a topic that is not toxic. Thank you.


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Remember Gran Turismo? Every car had to be earned masterd before the next car up was available. Took like a year to complete. Remember when there were no cheat codes, no walkthrough books, no guides. Nothing. Just you and the game. The legend of Zelda. Nowadays everybody wants instant, no learn, no earn…Just give.
Thank you for saying that brother. Pleasure to know you.

It’s not quite that simple, for me.
While I’m impressed with VR controllers as flight controls in VTOL VR and X-Plane, I feel they can’t compete with a set of quality physical flightcontrols.
Yaw control, is the most obvious drawback. I want to use pedals for that. Especially when flying warbirds. In the above mentioned sims you can use physical pedals and VR controllers. Maybe in AH too? But then we’re not talking about using just VR controllers, are we?
It is also a bit tiresome to having to hold my arms up, when using VR controllers as opposed to physical controls that takes the weight off my arms.
I also need more buttons on my controllers.
But what VR controllers bring to the party is immersion. Being able to manipulate aircraft systems and the flight controls, without ever having to switch between a joystick and a mouse, or VR controller, enhances the feeling of being there. I personally feel that the perfect setup will be physical controls and naked hand tracking in VR.

But to each their own…

As long as you’re having fun, I always say! :wink:


I hooked up my pedals to VTOL VR and it made a world of difference. But I’m not sold on touch controls either. Lack of tactile response and the position of your hand relative to any Controls you can see feels a bit weird to me. Still good, but to me not as good as a proper stick setup


Bingo. Can’t wait. The PointCTRL thing looks good though in the interim. It’s on my list, just too much other gear ahead of it.


Yeah…I’m pretty interested on it based on some of the experiences posted here. The thing I love about VTOL VR is that actually moving my hands around the cockpit to hit switches and change MFDs adds that little percentage extra of realism to the already awesome VR experience. I think hardware + finger tracking are really going to be the perfect mix as the finger stuff gets more advanced. I can’t wait to paint my fingernails with sparkly IR reflective paint…



I Liiiiiikkkke It. Hmm. Imagining the conversation with my wife, when she sees me brushing my nails, with the newest “Infra-Radiance Glow” from VR Tech, inc. (those sparkles might really confuse the tracker?)


So use your pedals… You can, for example, have your HOTAS set-up AND have your touch controllers… It’s what I do. Hitech did an awesomem job setting up the controllers interface. Literally blows away IL2, DCS… This is very useful because when Im in VR, I flyliterally inside the cockpit holding stick. ( i say that because its what im doing. Im no longer holding a touch controller, im holding the stick in the cockpit). I’m in the most natural position ergonomically for a pilot). Hand on stick, feet on pedals. Then when I go AFK during climbout and remove my headset, I have my 42" monitor that insta-changes to non-vr and I can then use my hotas for any corrections or just to fly out of VR. then when ready, I put the headset baqck on and im right back in the cockpit… hotas still active, touch controller still active. All seamless. No other game can do that that I have seen.
Two more reasons why I prefer touch over hotas now is hand position and flight control type.
1.) Hand control - This is specific to WWI birds. Where is the stick in the cockpit of just about any dogfighter? It’s between your legs. My guess that you, like me have your HOTAS mounted to right armrest right? Thats great and natural for modern jet fighters but not for a spit or pony. My hand is comfortably in its natral position. (bonus in AH VR, Hitech seems to have built in the slop of the stick one might experience while flying a p40 or BF110 (which is like driving a 76 monte carlo LOL)
2.) Flight control Type. I’ll explain this one with a question to all of you. Just how is Using a HOTAS more realistic when flying a yoked plane like a Mossy, P38, or any heavy bomber? Using touch controllers means I have to twist and push/pull in the same motion as if I was physically flying yoke… How is an F-22 stick feel like a Yoke? .

If you guys ever want to have some fun in AH, I can set up a cool map in the free servers and we can jam…

Thanks everybody for the excellent discussion. I’ve learned a great deal and appreciate the diverse viewpoints…

On a side note, here is a project of mine… FTM is a youtube channel Im going to launch soon

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I could swear I feel feedback… can’t explane how but I feel it… and in relation to hand position… Aces High is the only game I have found where your hand is absolutely in the most natural position to the stick or your I see and grab in the plane. Honestly, it’s the only reason I fly AH so much, for that very reason… Can you describe to me your proper setup or take a picture and put it in here? I always enjoy learning from how others set up. :slight_smile:

Very confused… Why exactly are you holding your arms up when the flight stick is down between your legs allowing you to naturally rest your forearm on your thigh and grab? Kickback in a lazy boy, mount your pedals to the footrest of the lazyboy and fly baby… Super comfortable!! especially when checking six… just lean back and look… no more hat switch head turns for me :0

I will say this though… at the end of the day, as soon as IL2 and DCS integrate touch controller flying… I’m there wingin up with all of you kindred brothers!!

Not quite… :wink:

My preference toward physical controllers is probably swayed by the fact that I am somewhat of a flight control aficionado :wink:
I love building them and tinkering with them. I prefer the way they feel in my hands and under my feet, over hand controllers. Making my living as a pilot have probably conditioned my arms and legs to expect some forces when moving the controls. What I would like to see is large force feedback sticks. Using no-force hand controllers is a step away from what I want. So this is all about personal preferences and feelings, not facts :wink:
But as I mentioned earlier, I do see the upsides of VR controller flying and who knows, one day I might just switch. But today is not that day… :sunglasses:

Well, resting the arms on my thighs doesn’t feel right to me. The stick grip isn’t down between your thighs, it’s above them, or the thighs would be in the way.

But there’s no right or wrong way in this. Or, rather, whatever works for you and keeps you happy, is the right way :slight_smile:

DCS supports this, although I’m not sure all aircraft modules have support yet.

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Ok, now that I’ve picked my jaw up from the basement… That is nothing short of the power of awesome magnitude!!! allow me to be a bit more targeted… those who have slightly less awesome stick setups ( like a thrustmater Tflight and such… :slight_smile: I yeild good sir… I yeild…


I noticed that your Rift S has the standard smallish earphones… I highly reccommend some nice over the ear wired headphones… plugs right into the headset and is night and day difference in terms of spacial audio…

I admit my setup is not average, nor standard.
And, for anyone new to VR and flightsims, why not go with VR controllers… I’ve been doing this since the 80’s and I watched the birth of Thrustmaster, salivating over those incredibly realistic sticks and throttles, hoping I one day could afford one.
Flightsimmers of today have everything! :wink:

The Rift S has built in speakers.
And there’s nothing standard about these headphones either, I’m afraid… :wink:

I have since replaced my Rift S with the Reverb G2 headset.

Correct about the built in speakers on Rift S… the ones you have in the picture look like the ones from Rift CV1. I had a nice pair like yours JBLAudio i think. then I got some studio quality over the ear headphones and WOW!! Spacial Audio is crucial to VR… :wink:

What app are you using to model in vr brother? I’m working on a a startup called homeless no more where I take donated RV’s strip them to frame and 3d-print new shell complete with interior structures… think of 3d printing Airstream Trailers and thats pretty much what im doing.

I owned a set of 3D surround headphones, that I was thinking of using with my Rift CV1, when I got that. But I quickly realized that putting on both the VR goggles and the headphones was too much hazzle and with very small gain, so I went back to the standard headphones.

I use a CAD software called TurboCad. There are other, more modern, CAD and modelling softwares out there, but I like to stick with what I know. Been wanting to set some time aside to really learn Fusion 360 though. But I lack both time and the proper motivation.:slight_smile:

A couple of things, then I’ll go :laughing:

The RiftS has a audio standard jack on the left side of the headset. I use wired earbuds that were collecting dust on my bedstand. The RiftS has a separate mic that’s excellent so whatever headset one uses, ditch the microphone.

Touch controls for flying have to be given a lengthy trial period before passing judgment. It takes the brain some time to process. VTOLVR is terrific but the machines are so “out there” that a better benchmark to me is X-Plane. X-Plane’s “Ergonomic” VR controls option is the way to go. This allows the player to “grab” the in-game stick and reposition your hand to wherever is comfortable—in my case, resting on my right thigh in most helicopters. Your wrist then moves the stick or yoke by rotating your wrist at that fixed spot. You can even change positions while flying. Inputs won’t be detected so long as you translate and not rotate.


Smoke… thanks for the great reply… I agree that the mic built into the rift s is great. Even though the headset has the 3.5mm headphone jack I still use my sony reciever and run the sound through it… sounds much better… for touch controller flying Try Aces High… leagues better than vtol and xplane… imo anyway…

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