ACM slewable submode explained - DCS F-16C Viper


So is this the kind of mode you’d typically use in that awkward range between true BVR and true BFM?
E.g. in a situation where there’s a MiG 2-ship and you shot one, but the other is about to merge with you though you can’t capture them with the helmet yet?

I’m not a virtual Viper driver, but I’ve got one in the family who’s very much into air to air.

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I think this submode would work best when a bandit is at your “quartering” positions- i.e.10 and 2 o clock, low or high. If you couldn’t get a lock thru through the other modes, which are ‘fixed’ and have a more narrow FOV, simply slew the cursor up or down for a quick peek.

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