Acro FS

From the makers of RealFlight Radio Control flightsimulator comes a ”full scale” Acro sim.
Evidently it’s already available in early access, on Steam…

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“One controller only”

(Phoenix RC was better anyways.)

At the moment, only one controller is supported at a time. You cannot use a separate throttle or rudder pedals that plug in on their own USB port, unfortunately. We plan to add full HOTAS and pedal support as development continues.


Yes. And Aerofly.
But RealFlight was the first RC sim to break the VR barrier… :vr:

Steam page

Works best with an Xbox controller for now. Given their target audience, I think it would have been worth going multi-USB from the start of EA. Especially since it’s a uniengine2 game, which supports that out of the box. Odd choice but promising acrobatics sim so far.


Yes. Even the last RealFlight version (8) supports multiple controllers. Not the same engine, but still.

But hey, it’s EA…

This was written by an online acquaintance named Jim Bourke (I think I have that right). He is an aerobatic competitor and airshow performer. This sim will (it is hoped) be high fidelity enough to be able to fly sequences and give the pilot a very solid idea of performance and positioning once he dives into the box for real. Jim already uses it to refly flights he has recorded via GPS. I tried it for a couple of minutes but with the current control limitations it’s pretty useless. (He knows it…)


Anybody tried this?
Looks like it got a major update.
It has VR support and multiple controllers…

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Huh…never realised this was a free game. I’ll give it a whirl tonight and report back

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I put it on a shelf. Hopefully Jim will allow VR control someday.

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Ok… It’s Early Access.
Let’s just say that if you thought DCS:F-16 was launched in an early state… :wink:
All the menu work must be done in 2D as the mouse won’t work in VR.
Has potential though…