Add FMS to planes in X-Plane 12

I havent modded planes since FSX, so forgive my asking, but is it possible to add the default FMS to any plane in XP12?

I spent time looking for videos and only found tutorials in how to use an fms. Anyone know if we can do this, and if so, how?

Possible it is, because some addons use the default fms, how, idk. I recommend you to see tutorials to use the planemaker of xp12.

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Oooh, its a planemaker thing? I was hoping it was like FSX where I copied parts of one config file into another config file and it works.

You can add any panel to any plane in X-Plane using Planemaker. I don’t know how to do so because I have never tried. But the basics are explained in the “Panel Creation” chapter of the Planemaker manual (under “X-Plane12/Instructions/…”).


Check this (I know that this is for xp11, but the planemaker core basis is very similar to the xp12):

This guy made dozens of hours in a full tutorial of how to fully build an aircraft on xp.
Click on the title of the video to open the full playlist…

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Thank you! Good lookin out!