Add this to DCS World?

I caught sight of this in my email today and immediately thought of DCS world–specifically the Georgia theater.

As you all know much of that area is farm land, but you never see it being farmed, harvested, etc. OK, I know that “There’s a War On!” but the farmers got to make their living.

Then I thought, How cool would it be to play as one of those farmers in a multi-player session…going back and forth, harvesting your crops and hoping one of the aircraft dueling it out in the sky above you don’t misidentify your tractor for a BMP or Bradley. I mean, how exciting is that!

Just a thought. Here is what I’d like to drive.

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I’m in.


The possibilities are endless!!! :star_struck:




If a UH-1 or Mi-8 isn’t able to slingload the tractor, while occupied by a player, and perform a combat insertion on an enemy farm…possibilities are ended.


According to my research, the Mi-8 sling load capacity is 3000 kg / 6,613.87 lbs.

The biggest John Deere tractor that could be sling loaded is the 5090 series which weighs in at 5776 to 6460 lbs depending on the variant (utility, high-crop, vineyard, orchard)

(Note: The sling could probably be attached to the roll bar)

That said in this part of the world they are likely using a Russian or East European equipment…did you know that North Korea once produced a tractor that would only go in reverse? …but I digress.

The big row crop tractors that one would likely see working large Georgian farms easily weigh in at over twice the Hip’s max sling load weight.

So I must admit that the possibilities are somewhat limited.

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