Adding Aircraft to different countries? Still possible?

Seems like I cant do this any longer. I am continuing to be denied my Vietnam experience. I wanted to add the ingame F4 to USA. Adding USA to the Lua did nothing. I also tried adding A-4 to aggressors with no luck.
Has anyone had success with this? I need some tips to make this happen.

Thanks all.


Only way I know of is to spawn them with lua into the desired country, outside of modifying files.

How do you mean?

Using this command:

coalition.addGroup(, Group.Category.AIRPLANE, airGroupData)

You can create any aircraft group and add them to any country, regardless of whether or not that aircraft is available in the editor.

I usually add the US Aggressors to the enemy side … they have access to everything :slight_smile:


So in ME I can do that… uhmmm … let’s see… now just to add skins and whalla!

Thanks guys, I’ll try that

On a related subject, I’d like to do the same, add my Mi-8 to the USSR. Ironically I can add a Gazelle because I own it and it’s CAS compatible, but not the Mi-8…makes no sense.

What I’d really like to do is add more SAMs than the SA-2. All the way up to at least SA-10 (SA-14 ad SA-13 too) were Soviet before they were Russian. Same goes for all the ships with exception of the Neustro-whatever FF (although I’m pretty sure it was at least under early construction before the Wall came down). I can understand they’re not adding those to USSR because of the flags they are flying - different from the Soviet Navy, but the SAMs don’t have unit designations.

Also, kt would be good to have the Silkworm system under USSR as well as Iran…that is where the Iranian’s bought them from so…

Not asking for how to do it…I’ve got the Lua stuff bookmarked…just don’t want to spin my wheels making changes to files if it will never work.

Modules that you own are added to a special list that is available for all (most) coalitions/countries. They get something like an exemption from the regular country restrictions. I say ‘most’ because there are one or town that are (maybe accidentally) only available to some countries.

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Wow…seen in adjacent posts…yeah, my new avatar still looks too much like yours…

OK, so now I understand why the Gazelle shows up under USSR. The Hip? Quite a few countries have them so I was thinking it was because USSR doesn’t list “Transportation” as one of the Tasks for the USSR.

As a related aside, I am really getting irritated with the whole Task field in the ME. I understand that it is used to differentiate Advanced Actions (which is fine) and also filter weapons load outs (which is just OK), but I don’t like how they get restricted by country and then by aircraft.

Sometimes an Mi-8 can do anti ship strike (OK, not a strike, but shoot up smaller boats or unarmed ships). EDIT: My point there is that your AI wingman will not attack ships if the Task is CAS or something similar. There is also something screwy with the Viggen. It won’t accept Ground Attack…or sort of accepts it and then freezes that Group from further editing.

But I digress…

Yeah. Some options in there are … challenging :slight_smile:

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LOL … that question he’s asking to me would be, “Seriously? You are going to try and land this Mig again? Give it up and hit Esc on short final!:laughing:

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