Additional Armrest

Hello everyone!
I have a peculiar cockpit at home (pictures to follow) and after a couple of years of use I realized its weakspot. I need additional armrests.

Something like this:

Yizhet Arm Wrist Rest Adjustable Arm Rest Desk Extending Ergonomic Computer Armrest Computer Desk Extending Adjustable for Office and Games 180° Adjustable: Bürobedarf & Schreibwaren

I was just wondering if you smart guys had maybe an idea on how to make them myself while keeping the cost low.

Repurpose some cheap office chair arms? Used stuff can be gotten pretty easily.

My office chair already have them but they’re… undersized so to speak.
Just like the Viper cockpit has some armrests for the forearm, I quite need the same. Something that can be attached to the chair armrests to make them bigger.

As I said I need to posts pics of my actual cockpit…

Yes, pics please! Also pic of the underside of the seat and the armrests please - that’ll show how you can attach things.

Have you got any tools, saw, drill, ability to clamp, that sort of thing?


How about some hi density polystyrene or foam to cut to size. Glue or gaffa tape as required. No drilling or stuff that gets in the way of flying :+1:

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I deeply apologize, this week’s last days have been… pretty intense, if all goes well I should present my case much better either later today or tomorow.




Here’s my actual - smallish - armrests.
I’m interested in making them larger.
To be honest only one- the right one, holding the stick.

For completeness, here’s my very own office-pit.

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Ok - so a lot of this depends on how much you care about aesthetics and what you have at your disposal in terms of tools.

To me, the simplest (if crude) solution is a wooden armrest screwed / bolted through the existing armrest. Bolts with nuts and washers would be best. A bigger drill bit (say a 30 mm spade bit) would allow you to countersink the washer and the head of the bolt to be flush with the top of the armrest so it doesn’t stick out.

You could get some proper foam as the top but in terms of budget friendly options, I’d get a cheap yoga mat or a gardening kneeling mat, cut it to the same shape as the wooden armrest with a carpet knife and glue it to the top.

One issue is that the armrest isn’t quite level. A wedge-shaped wooden packer should do the trick.

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I did a quick mock up of what I had in mind. A picture is worth a thousand words and all that.

An MDF offcut I had. Any timber or sufficiently thick plywood piece would do.

Round the corners.

Cut the packer wedge. Wedges are a bit annoying to cut if you don’t have at least some clamps so you could just make a packer piece the right thickness and not worry about the wedge shape.

Spade bit to countersink the bolts and drill through.

You could do 2 rows of bolts to make it more rigid.

Gardening kneeling pad for padding. Maybe use one that isn’t filthy with old soil.

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ill take it scream queens GIF
Very well, send it! :rofl: :joy:

No but seriously, amazing! I’m totally stuck at work, I’ll respond better much later.


:joy: materials $0.10, shipment from NZ to Germany 279.90 EUR + (insert long German word for import tax and duties here) :joy:

You’ll figure it out :grin::+1: