Aeroflot crash-landing


I couldn’t see a thread for this so have created one. It looks bad …

BBC News - Aeroflot plane crash: Pilot error theory probed


Because a Real Pilot™ Should be able to steer clear of lightning…


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He’d have to e a Real Quick pilot! :wink:


Sukhoi Superjet. Not great advertising for it. Doesn’t have many customers yet if I recall.


Captain Roger Victor has an important message to all passengers.


Can passengers delaying the evacuation like that be charged with…something?

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In the US, I’m sure they can be sued for wrongful death. In Russia… I wouldn’t want to be on the wrong end of that.


I wonder what kind of hard landing would cause this sort of damage, the engine is much like a CFM-56, Obviously some fuel line ruptured, perhaps it threw a lot of fuel on the hot section of the engine which cause the inferno.

It’s quite the tragedy what happened here, one does not expect this from a modern airliner.


Use “modern” loosely with that one. There’s three parked in Shannon. You can probably trade your bicycle for the whole lot.

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The Sukoi is not a loved airliner. They have already experienced signs of fatigue in the tailsection. The parts supply is so bad that Interjet had to cannibalize four of the things to keep the rest flying. That ploy only partially worked. As of now, half of Interjet’s Sukoi fleet is parked. A Russian airline, despite pressure from the government, cancelled an order to add to its fleet because it was having so many problems with its existing jets. All this is for a NEW airplane, not some old battleaxe that’s been out of production for decades. So, yeah, not a fan.


As far as I know they have no major flaws structurally or system wise. The Russians know plenty well how to build jets and the engine is largely a french design.

I know a Belgium airliner got rid of em because it’s hard to source parts for them, not because they were or are inherently bad.


I flew on one of them with Brussels Airlines. The flight felt comfortable and the plane looked rather modern when I peeked at the interior cockpit.

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