AeroFly FS 2 new DLC - Utah scenery

Downloading now (It’s going to take awhile on my connection).

I’m looking forward to flying into Heber City airport (36U). It will be interesting to see how close reality it looks in VR.

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Just downloaded it and tried AFFS2 after some months of DCSing.
Really nice scenery, as always. Flying through Monument Valley in the F-15E was cooool!!

Noticed they had implemented “rendering scale”, which works like pixel density in DCS.

Wish they would work on the realistic systems part of the sim. Like mixture and engine start/shutdown, as a minimum.

I’m a little bit irritated with AeroFly right now. After spending literally days downloading it on my slow rural connection, purchasing the NYC and Switzerland DLC’s and then getting the Utah patch which also took significant time to download, they then decided something was amiss and wanted everyone to download the entire thing all over again. So unless I commit to a download of approximately 73 hours, I’m hosed. Needless to say I am not going to be flying AeroFly until either I get a faster internet connection at the house or they get out of early access.

Really? You have to download it again…? Why was that?

Evidently there was some kind of issue with the Utah patch (which I believe has now been fixed). Right now it wants to download 78 GB. :scream:

Yikes! That must be the whole sim with DLC!