Aerofly FS 2 Steam Alpha Update Now Available


  • Added Location dialog search by airport icao, iata or name
  • Added Location menu map can now zoom in much closer, allowing you to select start positions on the map directly.
  • Added Location dialog option to select cold and dark and before engine start aircraft state for aircraft that support it.
  • Added Navigation dialog search by airport icao, iata or name
  • Added Navigation dialog selection of departures (SIDs), arrivals (STARs) and approaches.
  • Added A320, B747, B777, C90GTx, LJ45, B737, Q400 selection of departures, arrivals and approaches from the (M)CDU devices in the cockpit
  • Added GPS 430 and GPS 530 option to select SIDs, STARs and approaches (available in Just-Flight aircraft)
  • Added LJ45 engines can be shut down (cold and dark startup now available)
  • Added A320 engines can be shut down (cold and dark startup now available)
  • Added A320 new GPWS callouts: too low flap, too low gear, too low terrain, sinkrate, terrain terrain, pull up, don’t sink
  • Added A320 new altitude callouts and minimum callouts
  • Added A320 new wind, cockpit background and APU sounds
  • Added C90GTx EFIS avionics upgrade and several working CDU pages
  • Changed Q400 engine control is quicker and on ground the governor now keeps the rotation speed low more aggressively
  • Changed B58 more engine power and more inertia
  • Changed B58 engine sound improved, volume now varies with power
  • Added B58 starter sound
  • Added B58 DME hold function
  • Added Copilot manages pressurization if no user interaction is made, preventing unnecessary caution messages in the aircraft when there is no destination airport set
  • Fixed B777 engines appeared to rotate too slow, visual speed now increased
  • Fixed DME time indication now correct after frequency change, without delay

Dear Alpha-Testers,

We updated the Steam Alpha once again.

Please check if your previous issues still exist or if they are now resolved.

Change-Log of today’s update, 2020-08-03:

  • Fixed User scenery loading

  • Fixed C90GTx before start preset switch and lever positions corrected

  • Fixed C90GTx electrical and starter switches corrected

  • Fixed C90GTx PFD and MFD now correctly triple fed

  • Fixed C90GTx navigation light and position lights

  • Fixed LJ45 crashed when selecting cold and dark at airports with elevations significantly above sea level

  • Added GPS 430 / 530 lateral scaling readout in lower left when not in ENR mode

  • Fixed A320 MCDU init page B and fuel prediction values can now be entered

  • Fixed FMS/GPS lateral deviation scaling (e.g. in LJ, Q400, C90, Just-Flight aircraft) now computed correctly, should fix too large or even flipped scaling of the CDI needle

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Dear Aerofly Alpha testers,

We updated the Alpha once again, fixing many of the bugs you reported :)

Please verify that the following issues are now resolved on your end as well:


  • Fixed A320 and LJ45 reversers working again
  • Fixed CDU and CAS text display working correctly again
  • Fixed C90GTx airspeed indicator now receives data again
  • Fixed Nearest airports, VORs, waypoints and NDBs bearing indications are magnetic again
  • Fixed A320 MCDU origin runway now labeled correctly as origin + rwy and no longer destination + rwy
  • Changed Next waypoint identifier now aircraft specific (e.g. KSAN09 instead of 09)
  • Added Autopilot and copilot can now fly arc segments (e.g. KPSP R13RZ approach)

The advanced autopilot (A320, B777, LJ45, etc. - not the C172, B58 autopilot) should now be able to fly the entire route laterally without any issues.

Please test this as well with longer routes as we can’t test every possible combination.

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