Aerofly FS 4 release

Aerofly FS 4 is due to be released during this month (June 2022).


Sadly they betrayed a bit the fs2 customers. Promissed an ATC that never goes to the sun light.

What is the selling point vis-a-vis the MSFS?

i saw in their descriptions of features and also the lacks (or the avoids of talkings). I think it will not have dynamic weather and for now (we don’t know when because it was something promised even for v2) ATC comms. An Admin explicitally told that the focus of AFS is to have a smooth realistic experience in VR. It is somekind of something that i understand. Because afs2 vs xp11 vs msfs is in the areas that is covered (and now will cover much more with europe), is brutally gorgeous and smooth with a very good flight model physics.
So you not need a NASA pc to have something beautiful and immersive and full use in VR.
I have still installed the FSX, P3D5, PSX, MSFS, XP11 (waiting for 12), AFS2, Condor Soaring 2, Silent Wings, and maybe for sure i will day one buy this sim. Its not something that substitute the others but its very fun and smooth and immersive.

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Yeah, it’s the performance. I don’t know how Aerofly FS 2 compares to MSFS, but it runs miles better than X-Plane 11.

Also, comparing with all other civil flight sims, its the best one in out-of-the-box offer in terms of variety/mix of aircraft!!!
It includes Boeing, Airbus, single pro GA, 2 pro turbo helice regional, 2 prop piston, heli, single prop warbird, twinprop warbird, gliders, aerobatic aircraft, vintage ww1 warbird, jet trainer, jet warbird, bizjet… What other flight sim we have so huge spread and mix of flying machines without mod/paywares/dlcs/addons?

Despite Ipacs being their own worst enemy, as regards self promotion of their product, I will almost certainly give it a try.


The other side of this coin is it has weaker after market support.

Of the modern civil flight sims, true, but existed in the past less supported sims.
For AFS exist some few GA from Justflight and some airport and regions from aerosoft and orbx. In freeware department, exist many sceneries and some flying machines.

And don’t forget the promising, but apparently moribund Flyinside sim, which toward the end actually did incorporate google photo-scenery streaming from the web.

At least Aerofly has been robust enough to repeatedly survive, despite the odds…


yes, the Flyinside, infact i also have installed and was the first (even before msfs) to incorporate worldwide photoscenery. It runs smoothly perfect and also full vr support with many default aircraft that outside are payware to other sims, including the 717!!!

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I would say that ‘smoothness of presentation’ in sims is kind of overlooked feature.

because of smoothness, or lack thereof, I ended up flying XP11 from islands. I am having brake from DCS Paradise Lost campaign. and playing MSFS in FHD res.

so definitely looking forward to AFS4, missed the previous versions, so hope I will give this ver a try finally :smile:

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Its, true, after making a lot of visual and settings gymnastics on msfs/xp11 when you later fly again the afs2 with gorgeous visuals and smooth as never others do, you recognize that high fps is also an important thing. Its the same as when was in fs2004/… when you saw the needles of the gauges stuttering and you not had any reference of better, you thought it was great until the day you tried x-plane and see what is a smooth movement of the needles.