Aerofly FS Recent Updates: Gliders aircraft and more

Change-Log 2024-05-08

  • added flight information shows approach speed as yellow triangle in airspeed tape

  • added Saitek panel all aircraft that have a DME now display the DME distance

  • changed aircraft with elevator trim now allow full range of control surface motion even with trim not neutralized

  • changed all glider airspeed indicators now fluctuate in high side slip or high angle of attack situation

  • added A321 with CFM and IAE engine variants

  • added A320 flap, air conditioning, PTU and hydraulic pumps sounds

  • changed A320 CFM engine and wind sounds improved

  • added A320 dome lighting

  • added A380 storm lighting

  • fixed A380 magnetic standby compass rotates correctly in the frame

  • fixed A380 tray table animation

  • fixed B737NG thrust ratings corrected for TO B,TO 1, TO 2, CLB 1, CLB 2 and CRZ

  • fixed B737NG CDU takeoff flap 10 and 25 now also allowed

  • fixed B737NG pilot hand animation movement direction

  • added B737MAX three new repaints

  • added B737MAX PFD auxiliary display flight number can be changed through the CDU flight number field

  • fixed B747 strobe flasher now single pulse

  • fixed B777 status page shows correct APU values

  • added B787 auxiliary display flight number can be changed through the CDU flight number field

  • changed C172 DME display improved

  • fixed DR1 tail gear bouncing less

  • fixed F18 wing tip lights move with wing folding

  • changed MB339 improvements to 3D model and textures

  • added MB339 new repaints and new external parts

  • changed Baron B58 improvements to 3D model and textures

  • changed Extra 330LX improvements to 3D model and textures

  • fixed Pitts tail gear steering is visible again

  • fixed UH60 CDU TCN on/off display

  • changed ASG 29 flight model improvements

  • added ASG 29 pilot hand animation switches between flaps and flap handle

  • fixed Swift S1 tail gear and wing wheels bouncing less

  • changed Swift S1 airbrake more effective

Change-log 2024-05-10

  • Added Antares 21E self launch electric glider

  • Added ASK-21 twin seat trainer glider

  • Added glider winch launch, selectable from location menu at airports with dedicated winch launch positions or on any runway longer than about 600m.

  • Added glider aerotow launch, selectable from location menu at airports with dedicated aerotow launch positions or on any runway longer than about 400m.

  • Added assignment for Glider-Engine, Glider Hook and “Glider Action” which tells the winch or towplane to commence the launch

  • Added high detail glider airfield “Farrenberg”, near TĂĽbingen and Mössingen in Germany, with custom 3D buildings and objects and very high quality terrain elevation data at 1m resolution.

  • Added custom winch launch positions and aerotow launch positions to the existing high detail glider airfield EDST Hahnweide, SE of Stuttgart.

  • Added custom winch and aerotow launch positions for EDSP Poltringen, EDPA Aalen-Heidenheim, EDMT Tannheim, EDTM Mengen, LFNC St. Crepin, LFNS Sisteron and several other airfields.

  • Added glider variometer sounds are now adjusted by the optional assistance “auto-cockpit”. On the ground the assistance mutes the vario sound automatically and turns the volume back up after the winch launch or when the aircraft is in the air long enough during aerotow.

  • Updated glider vario sound behavior and added speed command switching

New repaints:

The A321 is now available in the Steam Beta for Aerofly FS 4 as part of the Aircraft Add-On DLC! Please test the new aircraft and all other aircraft and give us feedback below. To participate in the beta please go to your Steam library, right click Aerofly FS 4 on the left, select Properties, then Betas and select the latest beta version. Steam will then show an update for you.

When we know the latest Aerofly FS beta version runs stable we can move forward to adding glider launches and aerotows, which are not yet included in this update! Teasers about the upcoming glider update:

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