Aerofly FS2 New York DLC

On sale at the moment at like $3 or so, and having fun in New York using a R22 just to buzz around. Runs like a dream. Performance is a feature.

Starting off at the downtown helipad with my filofax and Gorden Geckco effigy.

No large monkey in sight, repeat, no large monkey.

I can see Meg Ryan, but no Tom Hanks…

The Chrysler building is the prettier one I feel.

A park in the middle, you could say centrally.

Pretty lights!

Stupidly nice in VR using the Vulkan rendering.


Their rendition of Teterboro airport is pretty good in this scenery. Eerily familiar in VR and almost enough to give this corporate pilot the shivers ;).


Aerosoft/IPACS sure are doing a lot of stuff right on this one…

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