Aerofly FS2 Oahu Freeware: WIP

All sorts of praise goes to the small group of fans putting time and effort into this upcoming freeware!


Now we need a MD-500!




@HiFlyer, is there a site for freeware stuff, for FS2?
Have you seen an BN-2 Islander, perhaps?

I might have to grow a mustache.


There is a site, with tons of stuff, though installation instructions can sometimes be a bit spare, non-existent or even violate accepted Aerofly order. When in doubt, ask on the Ipacs forums.

Here is the site, and you are required to register.

Edit: there is also another site with a ton of freeware planes of widely varying quality. The creator of the site was getting better and better, but some of our more curmudgeonly simmers (you know the type) complained so much about missing this and that (apparently they wanted payware quality for free) that he eventually gave up and has not been heard from in quite a while. krzysk1 (krzysk1) / Repositories · GitHub

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A great job on this.

As most of you probably know, it is a sea based radar that is part of the US’s Missile Defense System protecting the west coast. I comes to Pearl Harbor every now and then and puts in at Ford Island (which is where I lived 2009-2011) - a pretty impressive sight up close.

Some of the native Hawaiians have a belief that when it comes to Hawaii it brings rain with it.


Warning: slight thread derailment

It’s bittersweet seeing these screenshots. I lived on Oahu a few years back, Eva Beach/Iroquois Point, short final for runway 8L HNL. I flew the mighty Q400 for a local airline that unfortunately closed doors after 37 years. I have more pics than I know what to do with. It was great to see the variety in military traffic on a daily basis. The daily F-22 departures in full burner, all kinds of naval vessels, C-17s, C-5s…


We lived there from 2009-2011…you there then? :pineapple:

Negative. 2016-2017 :call_me_hand: :surfing_man:

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