Aerosoft A318/319/320/321 Bundle

I think @BeachAV8R is single handedly convincing people in here to buy specific products for simulators… He is the most targeted advertisement machine seen so far! Now I know why he despises the video’s so much, they are competition :wink:


On the bright side there a reprecisely zero rift/vive demos in my city it seems so no pressure there.


I believe you have it right…also, I think FS2Crew allows you to actually use your voice to interact with the FO (or buttons if you prefer I suppose)…so it is far more full featured. I considered buying it (it is 20% off now)…but I honestly don’t see my Airbus flying to be that structured that I’d use it much.

I have the Co Pilot set to OFF right now - I did try it last night for a bit and I think he shuffles papers around, clears his throat, and I think he might make specific callouts too, but I didn’t have time to run a full flight last night. I actually managed to get the dreaded OOM crash to desktop as I was taxiing out for departure at Philadelphia. After 30 minutes of starting, programming the MCDU and configuring, and I go out of memory. Ah…FSX/P3D…never change…I love you so…

I make house calls…!

Too bad it’s costing me a fortune too…LOL… Oh well, there are worse vices to have (I guess)…

And here is my problem…I have a tab totally dedicated to Sim Sales sites…LOL…


You do it so I don’t have to! :wink:

If anything I will always support your vices in this case!

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Guess where…? (And is it just me - but are those blast fences backwards?)

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I’ll guess at St. Maarten, as there is a hill looking East?

Oh…you are so, so close. In a way. LOL…


I think that is even less of a clue. :slight_smile:

PS Just did a CYVR to SFO (well to top of climb and then got bored with the 1 hour wait) with the co-pilot on and the checklists. It’s awesome now I’m thinking all airbussy. :star2:

PPS Wish that co-polite didn’t sneeze as well as cough. I’m not sure he is going to make it.

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You’re gonna need some bombs on that Airbus. A man has to have purpose.

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Yeah…mine too. Does yours sneeze with a Canadian accent? Just wondering if the installs are region specific…

It’s like the United Nations on my bus, the Stewardess is Australian, the Co-Pilot is British, the Ground Crew are German and ATC sounds French-Canadian. The voices make a big difference in the atmosphere for sure. I half expect a ‘…and they walk into a bar’ checklist joke. :us:

Have you had any luck in setting up just a partial flight, as in a STAR approach or something. I try to save/load a flight state but everything seems out of sync when I load it up. If I put the aircraft state to ‘Take Off’ and try to program the FMC while flying in circles it sort of works, but I do wonder if I’m doing it the hard way or not? I guess they want people to do full flights to see all there is to see.

I have had success in just entering the departure and return as the same airport for a local flight with an approach. For instance KCLT/KCLT - then pick the departure that is a radar vector type instead of transitions, then you can pick the arrival runway and instrument approach to be flown. I have not yet tried to save/load a flight - I’ve always thought FSX/P3D would struggle with that. Interestingly, I think at least PMDG in X-Plane figured out how to do it - that aircraft actually has four quick-save slots that you can save your current state and it can be reloaded from them.

You may also explore the DIRECT function, it might allow you to plan something on the fly really quick. Again, I haven’t looked at it though. The MCDU is pretty different than the Universal UNS-1 that I’ve flown with for decades…

I’ve tried a few things and I think I have it working now. :airplane_arriving:

The trick is set up the flight using the map slew etc, config everything up then and basically make it ready to ‘preserve’. Save the flight. Once saved then (once FSX is restarted) from the ‘Free Flight’ hit load. Once it comes up it has ‘sort of’’ loaded but things are missing, in that the configuration is all wrong. The trick is once the aircraft is already loaded to hit ‘Load Flight’ again and load the same thing. It works nicely now, including remembering state of MCDU flight plan etc.


I know it wouldn’t be realistic…but I sure wish I could add a HUD to my Airbus(eses)…

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That is a nice HUD.

I’m just happy the Airbii (plural) have that little pull-out table I can eat my in-flight meal on. :cake:

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