Aerosoft A318/319/320/321 Bundle

And the Aerosoft A318/319/320/321 bundle is on sale for $33.60 (30% off). Probably tough to find a more detailed Airbus sim at this point…



Tempted on this now for a SID/STARs guy for FSX, now I’m back to that. @BeachAV8R Do you have these and how are the cockpit screens/dials in the Rift, ok?

Yes, I bought that Airbus special a couple days ago. The resolution is fine for the Rift…and you can even up the texture resolution to 2048 textures in the pit with these files:

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Hmm. Strangely undecided because I’m a Boeing guy in terms of which buttons to press. I’m not going to get a decent 7x7 with FMC on FSX for $40 that’s a better deal than this today am I? (seeking Emelda Marcos shoe shopping consolation here…). I liked the FF757 on XP10 and know the FMC on that…

(proceeds to put $80 of gas into a truck this morning without pause, spends hours on thinking about $40) :nerd:

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:smiley: Yeah…I love the classic Boeings (727 and older 737)…but for some reason I’m drawn to the Airbus lineup for big aircraft. I love that clean looking overhead…and I do sort of like the whole fly-by-wire thing where you don’t have to use trim - you just set the attitude and the computers make it happen. I had a specific reason for buying the Aerosoft Airbus(eses)…an idea for an article… :smiley:


There are also half a billion (ok…I think it is around 1500) repaints for that A318/19/20/21 series at Aerosoft…

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You evil genius @BeachAV8R :money_with_wings:




yep, thanks to your post @BeachAV8R I spent 1 hour of my life browsing through FSX ac developers web sites looking what is available these days. I didnt spent any money yet, I am still immune :mask: :wink:

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I knew there were plenty of Canadian liveries in there… LOL…

Hey and quick tip if you don’t want to read the documentation - the right side MCDU (the FMS thingy) on the panel will allow you to make some quick configuration changes like cold and dark, ready for taxi, weights, fuels, etc…


And here are all the “Canada” repaints…,44,110

Oh…and if you apply that high res panel mod…make sure you follow those directions about deleting the MAINPANEL files from each livery you install:

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The Aerosoft ~320 doesn’t really work in VR, the right MCDU won’t come up, the up-front panel doesn’t display figures, lots of Fly Inside issues so far. Kinda stuck now. I’ll do some reading tonight to see if I can sort it out but disappointing.

Thanks for posting the Aerosoft Airbus deal, good solution for me since don’t have a decent tubeliner for P3D since PMDG doesn’t offer a discount for owners of the FSX version and I can’t justify that expense all over again.

I do feel a bit dirty flying it out of my home field KPAE (Boeing Factory).

Ok, I won’t clutter up this thread more on the A320, but if anyone finds there way here via Google then all is now good with the world. The solution was:

  • The MCU displays use a custom font. You have to reboot after installation otherwise Windows won’t cache them and you’ll have a black display.

  • Airbus has a very certain way of thinking that is not what I am used to on tubes. I need to read a lot more, but so far I am convinced the throttle is sentient and doesn’t like me.

  • Do the simconnect installation dance after installing on Steam FSX (go to FSX/SDK and the 3 directories and install them all in order of FSX, FSXSP1 FSX-ACC.

So basically I just need to finish the install properly and go read an Airbus manual. Working great now.

Hey great…I was wondering about that reboot thing after install (I did). And I was using it in P3D v3 with no problems…so you had me nervous that maybe it wouldn’t work with FSX. And yeah…that MCDU is fairly different. And yeah…the throttle FADEC stuff takes some getting used to. And the managed modes. And…and…and…lol…

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So far I absolutely love it (just the A320 is all I’ve got to) - by far my favorite FSX thing so far. I loaded the Airbus manuals onto the iPad and got a pillow in the face about 3AM last night to ‘stop shining that light in my face’. Recommended! :thumbsup: :airplane_small:


Ha…yeah, I was up to 3AM last night as well… The pit is quite usable in the Rift with a touch of zoom now and again. There are plenty of good “how to” videos out on YouTube too that cover the cold start and programming the MCDU. They did a really nice job with the sounds and stuff too. I about jumped out of my skin when I was in the Rift and the FO coughed…lol…I was like “who’s in the room with me!!!” I swear, the day my kid comes downstairs at 2AM while I’m in the Rift with some sound going, and taps me on the shoulder, I’m gonna stroke out.


I’m confused about the included FS2Crew thing. Does it just mean the co-pilot (sorry, Pilot Monitoring :slight_smile: ) now speaks but you don’t get the voice activation or button activation thing as that’s a paid add-on from FS2Crew?

(I moved topic, as I was cluttering up the Games Deals with my waffle)

Also, @BeachAV8R do you usually let the Co-pilot do his thing in the checklists, as in does hitting this to ‘On’ means he performs his side of the list?

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