Aerosoft A319 FSX Co-Pilot

Man, I love playing this in VR with FlyInside.

Doing lots of realistic as I can short flights and enjoying the checklist feature. Explained to my kids over dinner what I had spent hours doing today and they all dramatically held their head in their hands. I am unofficially not cool :slight_smile: :vr:

Check it out (as my VR video would look awful, but it gives the idea):

Old news I know but I just love playing it. It is so handy having an automated co-pilot to read out stuff and do their half of the switches in an Airbus! I am an unashamed systems nerd. :nerd_face:


Automated copilot will be handy also in the Hip


I’ve been waiting for Aerosoft to update their Airbus for P3D v4. As far as I can remember, it was supposed to happen in Aug/Sept., but I think it keeps getting pushed back. As well, it may be a whole new product perhaps (sigh). But it is fabulous.

I have a hard time breaking away from X-Plane though just because of those darn flight dynamics and the very dynamic feel of the airplanes on the ground. I dabbled with the JAR A320 in VR and the feeling of a large cockpit is phenomenal. Like we’ve all said before, the next version of VR should boost MFD readability and I think will be the turning point for VR in our flight sims.

I will probably buy the A320 from Flight Factor as soon as it leaves beta. I’m really interested in that one.


I much prefer X-Plane, especially for it’s hackability and looks, but it still really struggles in VR with flyinside. Hopefully the native support isn’t that far away (I heard maybe around New Year?).

P3Dv4 is a better sim as well than ol FSX, but I’m in the same boat as others that the couple of things I do have in FSX I don’t want to repurchase. I do have FSX so it doesn’t crash, so I’m now too scared to touch it. :slight_smile:

With the checklists, it’s the crew sounds, calls etc that I love. The ‘whirrr’ of the cargo doors opening (I think that’s it?) when parking up at the gate etc. Hugely atmospheric.

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