Aerosoft Simple Traffic

Aerosoft Simple Traffic seems to be back on the menu post-SU6.

Simple Traffic is an imperfect product (that is why it is not called Ultimate Traffic or something). It’s cheap (and cheerful!) and simply aims to make the airports we all visit look better.

Ohhh btw, this will be a 15 euro product.

I think this thing overlaps with MSFS plans to do this themselves (SU8?), but as that might be a while away this could be worth a look.

More info here:


I really like this add-on. Minimal cost, set and forget, gives a nice variety of applicable traffic for most locations. The only questionable placement that I’ve seen so far was one UPS hauler at a passenger gate at O’Hare. If you frame rate suffers, you can adjust the traffic density down when using AI traffic. It’s so simple, they should call it Barney Style Traffic for the Rest of Us :rofl:

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I suppose its still too much to ask, but are there any GA AI packs? I would just like to see a little more activity at GA airports - light planes doing circuits, short cross-country flights etc.

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Simple Traffic is repaints of commercial operations only, AFAIK. It uses the default 3D models. Not for everyone to be sure. The OP has a link to the Aerosoft forum where they list the repaints. Here you can download the manual for a deeper dive.