Affordable Star Citizen gear/controllers

I am using Two sticks, especially with the T16kM, gives 6 axis to directly control, which is very important in dogfighting. More control of your ship allows you to be a more effective pilot in a lot of ways. Better maneuvering, better accuracy, better target acquisition and tracking all allow you to be more deadly.

I run the t16kMs and love them. A lot of guys use HOTAS and are very effective as well and there’s quite a few people who have gotten to be very good KB&M pilots, I just think the Dual Stick is the best option overall.

And you all??

I use my good old G940, both for flight sims and for Star Citizen (before my PC died, so right now I cannot play the Alpha because I don’t have a PC it runs on).
It is really cool to put the Star Citizen ships into manual mode and control all the axes with different ones on your stick.

I think pretty much any HOTAS with enough axes will do, such as the X55.

I’ve never played Star Citizen myself, but it sounds like both methods have merit, the dual stick/HOTAS combo.

Although I’ve got plenty of left over joysticks these days that I would not buy anything new in that regard :smile:

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I know, right? I can’t even sell them for .25 cents at a yard sale!

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Go on…


Don’t do it, it’ll destroy everything you loveeeee!

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Psh. My (eventually to be) ex - wife already did that.

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Okay so give her the controllers then! :wink:

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My actual ex-wife actually paid somebody to take a bunch of “junk” our of our garage while I was on cruise. Said “junk” included an autographed Issac Asimov novel…and she paid them!

Hmm…a little off the topic…sorry.

Still…let’s ask the moderators f we can start an ex-wife story thread!

As I see it 2x TM16k setup is surely very good setup for space sims.

Talking about HOTAS for space sims the only afordable option is Logitech X56 imo.
This setup has two aditional analog mini sticks one on main stick and one on dual throtles.
So it has planty of axis for cosmonauts.

High end HOTAS setup could be Virpil’s Constalation Delta grip with base plus Virpil’s Mongoos throtle.