Afghanistan 11 out today, screens

Afghanistan 11 is a turn based strategy game by the maker(s) of Vietnam 65… both games introduced a new idea in the turn based strategy games based on winning the hearts and minds of the population. You did this by keeping the enemies away and in check and building infrastructures. Vietnam 65 was a pretty great game, thou very limited in it’s gameplay probably because it came out as a iPad game first. Afghanistan 11 is a lot more detailed and polished, and a pretty awesome game. It’s easy to learn and play but hard to master. Worth checking out if you have the interest.


don’t know why they didn’t upload in order… can’t seem to delete to fix it, so consider it a puzzle. lol

Clip uploading to You Tube, will share later.

The proper order is posted on my blog, if interested.

Looks pretty good…nice laptop play game!

ya, perfect for a laptop… the first one, Vietnam 65 came out on iPad first, 2nd best iPad game I ever played… great for late night slacking on the job…

here’s a unedited clip of gameplay, (since I learned you can’t get movie maker for Windows 10 anymore… wouldn’t install it.)

When I upload a bunch of pics, after they finish I’ll put a couple carriage returns between them and number each one, 01, 02, … 10, 11, etc. Then add titles and cut and paste to get them in the right order.


bought it and love it. A lot of more possibilities as Vietnam`65, love it.