After a year or more with Viggen Pitch trim bug, I have solved it!

Of course :slight_smile: Just trying to make obscure references to the Swedish Chef in Muppet Show :laughing:


I knew I was using it right!


I agree that there is something to be desired.

I had similar troubles in other modules. And simple Space Bar functioning always as ‘move forward’ anytime one need will help here a lot.

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I agree - space bar steps are the best. The Harrier startup tutorials are good like that, from memory.

I did the Viggen cold start last night and the trim trigger worked without issue, phew.

My Swedish is very rusty, though, and there’s no English cockpit, so there’s the additional challenge of the language.

I do like it how there’s a decision checklist that has the option “hoppa”, i.e. eject… hoppa is the Swedish word for “jump” and it sounds somehow so happy in my ear! “Hoppa! Hoppa! Hoppa!” doesn’t feel nearly as serious as “Eject! Eject! Eject!” :grinning:


Both the viggen and the 21 reward the pilots that manage to fly by the numbers on landing. So… Don’t do a Hangar and wing it on landing in those machines :wink:


Pish, I could wing it just fine on viggen. Not so much on MiG 21 or 29!


LOL…just like my Norwegian…“drikke”, “spise”, “tusen takk” …and really…I don’t need to know more than that to get along swimmingly with my Norwegian in-laws! :grin:


You can DL a English Cockpit from ED .

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yes, it would indeed.

JunkYardDog: I am still wrestling with the "No trim problem on the F-18C Hornet. I have tried running the repair tool, rebooting the computer after setting op the trim option, reloading Thrustmaster software, and running joystick calibration tools in Windows 10. Nothing seems to help . Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance. Bill W

Bill check messages, you should have one from me.


Only One FIX is here: Might not apply in this case, but it’s handy to know that if you touch the emergency trim controls at all, that will completely disable the normal trim controls entirely until you either shut down the main power, or reset the trim system by cycling the circuit breaker TRIMSYST (turning it off and then on again) on the breaker panel on the right side of the cockpit. :slight_smile:


That’s good to know, thanks for the tip. I used to have the emer trim mapped to a switch on the left console, which might be a bad idea if it gets bumped…