After a year or more with Viggen Pitch trim bug, I have solved it!

Wow, I have gone round and round with this nasty little bug in the Viggen Start up tutorial. Right after engine start, you go to post start up checklist and the first thing required is to Set the PITCH TRIM to 3 degree + . Many players, me included have never been able to do this no matter how much we tried.

Till now ! 2 times in a row, after I failed the first attempt, I have done it.

There are two things I have done different those times than all others together… heres what I THINK really solves it, but the second step may be needed too, further test required on that.

As soon as she says “Since we are carrying the external Fuel Tank…” just start spamming RGHTCTRL+. till it fires At the first word she says on this step I start hitting the pitch trim up combo on KB… It has worked both times.

Potential second step… I Accidentally closed my Canopy Early in the sequence of start up both times as well. I cannot rule this out till I test it some more.

Man that has driven me crazy for a year. Some could get thru it, others could not .


Nice! I really need to give the Viggen a go at some point.

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Its very well done over all, and good fun. that little bug though stopped you from completing the Start Up tutorial just 3 or 4 steps from the end. I could not stand down to that challange :slight_smile: .

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Never heard of this bug.
But then again, I have never tried the start-up tutorial…


I have it in the hangar, collecting dust. I can feel @Troll’s accusatory stare for neglecting our Nordic bird…but then again, keeping her as a hangar queen is arguably better than @Hangar200’s approach, which is to use burning Viggen wreckages to keep him warm through the winter…


That made me choke. I’m so immature :rofl::rofl:


@Troll ,

Just my nature to do things like the Start Up, helps me familiarize myself with controls etc. This bug only happens to some, you just can in no way get the TRIM PITCH to adjust up to +3 degrees , this is needed to get past one of the very last 4-5 steps of the tutorial.Oddly other players had zero issue at all with it functioning.

Doing what I do, as a hobby and soon to be as a professional , a bug such as that was just to much of a big middle finger from the CODE in my face to pass by. So, once every couple of weeks, for a long time now, I would fire up that tutorial and try to solve the issue.It took FAR longer than I ever dreamed.

Finally clearing that hurdle was a (in a SAD get a life kind of way) a big deal to me. I dislike very much loosing to machine and code , far more than is normal :slight_smile: . It Its a rather good Tutorial actually , and for as long as I know of there has been a fair amount of players that want to get through it, but were stymied by this one step. Its a Trigger step, not a Space Bar step, so if you do not get it done, you are dead in the water .

Seems odd I am sure to go at one minor thing for so long, but its just what I do . In the future, if such a issue raises its head in any module , I , or others, can help ease some players frustration level a bit and in a small way make DCS more accessible .

Cheers !

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Huh. I had no trouble with pitch trim,but the parking brake bit threw me for a loop.

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Um…there are tutorials? …knowing that might have helped…:grimacing:


See thats the crazy part, some people had no issue with it at all, then there are others, like me, that could not get it to work no matter how they did it. Its bizarre issue for real. If I do not get it trimmed up before her Text disappears, or her Voice stops, I cannot get it to work no matter what I do. There are many people out there that have had the same issue. Then again, there are many like you schurem , who get through it with no trouble at all.

I would be interested to find out how many WITH the issue had say DCS STEAM Version installed, and the Non Steam Version, maybe there is a link there. I have both, as once upon a time, as I am sure you guys recall, one module worked for both clients.

I never bothered setting pitch trim… Ever. :sunglasses:


I highly doubt that :wink:

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I don’t really see why the viggen is so hard to land, I made it fine on my first few attempts…

Now blasting fools A2A, that’s something different. Am I right in understanding it has no onboard guns and those gunpods only give a fixed sight?

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Yes and yes. IMHPO, the sidewinders are just for self defense…I was going to say that they are just there for show or to keep the pilots happy…“By Thors Hammer, See! Those are AAMs! I am really a fighter pilot darn it!”…but @Troll reads these posts and he would just cut my Viggen allowance…again. :grimacing:

Actually, if flown by the book, the Viggen is not all that difficult to land. It is much easier than the MiG-21 for instance.

The key part of that statement is “flown by the book”, which means one must first have read the book…or at least the part about landing.

I tried! Honestly I did. But those big circles that would pop up on the radar scoped that were supposed to lead you to final? I’ve never been one to “color within the lines” so initially I just decided that the tried-and-true USN break on the upwind numbers would work…Yeah…not so much. :flight_arrival::fire: :open_mouth:

I think the drag of the large delta wing at high AOA as I tried to make the turn to short final just robed me of airspeed - the classic approach turn stall. Rapidly fire-walling the engine to get power back on the jet usually led to compressor stalls…which only served to exacerbate the situation.

I reread the book a couple of times and can sort-of fly the prescribed procedure. However I have found it simpler to choose a landmark, several km from the threshold and make my turn to final from there - a longer straight in usually does the trick with out any untoward incidents.

Which is why @Troll gave me back a Probationary Viggen Pilots license…Day/VFR only! :slightly_smiling_face: (It was a very proud moment)


I actually got fiesty one time and got into a dogfight with a Flanker, scoring a kill with the RB-24J/AIM-9J. I also managed to take down a human pilot in a Flanker with one who thought he could outrun a Viggen.

I’m not sure what all these landing aids everyone talks about are. I use the fly-to path/velocity vector, pin it on the runway, keep speed at ~300kmh and AOA at around 10, comes in nice and tight. I then flex on everyone else with the thrust reverser.


Really only issue I’ve ever had with landing the Viggen was when I’ve tried the classic “land on the roadway.” That has resulted in a rather large number of flights in my log book without a landing logged…

Seconded, I have some success with getting the MiG-21 down in one piece, but it took a lot of scattered wreckage to get that one figured out.

Far as A2A in Viggen, I’ve never actually really tried it too much beyond learning the switchology. Might be time to try it since I seem to have some free time on my hands right now.

Pages 140-158 cover the whole enchilada (or since it is Swedish, the whole meatball). Pages 143-147 focus on use of the TILS to set up for a proper approach. My assumption here is that in poor weather, this will get you to final without relying on a lot of TACANs and/or ILS transmissions. (@Troll jump in here please)

That’s where I had trouble and started doing “cowboy” approaches which led to (virtual) tragedy and @Troll’s rightful indignation. :open_mouth:

Smörgåsbord is the term, I believe! :grin:

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The TILS is basically Tactical Instrument Landing System. A mobile ILS :wink:
But the CK37 know where to go to get to the RWY, and if it’s got a TILS, you ride it down.

Funny when you ask former Viggen pilots about their actual IFR experience, they start squirmin’. They were used to low level VFR navigation, in almost any weather.
And the tactical nature of war time operations with bases close to the advancing enemy, rarely allow for setting up a long and cosy TILS final. So being able to get back home on your own accord, was a useful skill…