Aggressor... ridiculously simple and basic, but so much fun can't stop playing

Just ran across this today on Steam, it’s a early access game, and still needs a lot of work like better flight stick support and maybe internal views or a gunsight of some type… but I had fun, definitely a non thinking, just get in and play, and get out game… good to have sometimes. 20 bucks BTW.


Come on… you got to admit this looks fun… simple, stupid, but fun, lol…

Aggressor (Ya I know but it’s a fun time killer)(no comms) - Twitch

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Looks good, however the SB Pro video is EXACTLY what I wanted to find. I’ll be watching this later and reporting back as I’ve desperately wanted to buy SB but not sure it’s worth the high price, thanks for making it!

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Thanks… made that for a friend who has the exact thought. I’ve been playing it for over 10 years so any questions feel free to ask.

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You ra- oh, I see, it’s the name of the actual game. Ah, well then. Carry on…

(also this looks fun, might try it out. A nice “xbox controller friendly” looking sim for when on my LT away from the sim pit)

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