Aginor's weird NFL thread

Pro Bowl Cheerleaders - probably too risky a click for ya’ll at work though:

Go Broncos…my type…curly hair with a bit of crazy…

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4 minutes left and it is 33 (NFC) - 38 (AFC) so it is closer than several Pro Bowl games over the years.


do they still not even rush the passer? I dunno, baseball is the only all-star game where the guys seem to play like they actually would in a normal game. I turned off the NHL all-star game last night, it was that boring to watch

PS @BeachAV8R yes, the Broncos always seem to have some of the best looking out there.

Yeah I admit I just skipped the 4th quarter and watched the first episode of Picard instead…

When I initially read this, I thought you meant they flew over your house. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was at a bar and they had the “Skills Competition” on one of the TVs…yeah…for some reason I just wan’t interested in watching a bunch of millionaires play dodgeball…and I love dodgeball.


And with that ends the 100th season of the NFL!


So happy for Andy Reid.


Watching the XFL now, Seattle Dragons vs. DC Defenders.

Like with the AAF of course I don’t have any clue where that league will go (probably nowhere, like the AAF where I really think it was a pity, I think they had some great ideas there as well) and it is a bit different. But looks like Football.

Watching XFL again.
New York vs. DC

That one was brutal.

I hope the XFL has some staying power, I really love the rule changes and especially the review.


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When I read the rules I was a bit unsure, but now that I have seen them in play I really like the Kickoffs and Punts! (I posted the rules below).
The extra points after touchdown are also more exciting IMO, and the overtime rule is similar to the NCAA one which I also like.

And what I really love watching the XFL: I can hear the play calls! This is the coolest thing for someone who knows (or in my case: halfway knows) how those work.
“gun trips right, sprint right Y go X slant Z cross” makes me excited for the play and watch key players (although that particular play call is probably nonsense, I doubt one would play that)

Also: Like in the AAF we can hear the refs discussing their calls. That helps because we can see the reasoning behind decisions that look weird on first glance.

Some rules changes, excerpt from Wikipedia:

The league has an active interest in reviving the kickoffs as an element of the game. This is in contrast to the former AAF, which eliminated kickoffs outright, and the NFL and college football, both of which imposed rules minimizing the impact of the kickoff in the mid-2010s to improve player safety.[48] Many of these kickoff rules were adapted from rules created by The Spring League’s predecessor, the Fall Experimental Football League.[49]

  • The spot of the kickoff is set at the kicking team’s 30-yard line.[50] (The NFL and college standard is the 35-yard line.) However, members of the kicking team (excluding the kicker) line up at the receiving team’s 35-yard line and blockers on the receiving team must line up at their 30-yard line. Only the kicker and returner(s) can move until the ball is either caught or three seconds after it hits the ground.
  • Kickoffs that go out of bounds, or fall short of the receiving team’s 20-yard line,[51] come to the kicking team’s 45-yard line.[52] (The NFL and NCAA only require a kick travel 10 yards; kicks out of bounds are placed at the receiving team’s 40 yard line.)
  • The XFL uses two different types of touchbacks. A major touchback occurs when a kick travels into the endzone in the air, which results in the receiving team taking possession at the 35. A minor touchback occurs when the ball bounces into the endzone, which results in the receiving team taking possession at the 15. These rules discourage either team from purposefully taking a touchback.
  • Teams can request to attempt an onside kick under more conventional kickoff rules.[53]


  • The XFL does not allow gunners; all players on a punting team must remain on or behind the line of scrimmage until the ball is kicked.[54] (This is a carryover from the original XFL, although that league had scrapped the rule midway through its only season).
  • The coffin corner punt is treated as a touchback and brought to the 35-yard line. The attempts to neutralize punt coverage are made with the intention of encouraging more fourth-down conversions.
  • The same touchback rules for kickoffs also applies to punts.

Points after touchdown

The extra point kick was replaced with a scrimmage play, varying in point value depending on how far the touchdown-scoring team chooses to take the snap from the goal line: a two-yard attempt scores a single point, a five-yard attempt two points, and a ten-yard attempt three points.[55] (This rule is also a carryover from the original XFL, which added the rule only for the playoffs. The Stars Football League also used the rule during its existence.) In the event the defense secures a turnover and returns the ball for a touchdown, the defensive team scores the same number of points as the offense was aiming to score.

Interesting set of rules. The only one that I would disagree with so far is the limit on the points given if the Defense runs back a blocked extra point attempt. Unless they forfeit possession it would make more sense to gain as many yards as possible and allow yourself to be tackled before scoring. That way your Offense could score for the full points value.


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I feel that there is something “heretical” about changing football rules like this.

Of course the NFL has done its share of blasphemy over the years…Offensive Pass Interference?? How is that even a thing? Of course I’m going to push off the guy who is covering me…why the hell not?!

But stand still until the ball is caught or hits the ground? No thank you.

I like the new extra point mechanic. I think their kickoff rules are far safer, but no where near as great to watch as the NFL rules. Then again NFL kickoff returns are a pale shadow of what they where in decades past.

Now watching Houston Roughnecks vs. Tampa Bay Vipers.

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That was a nail biter for me, Houston had some mis-steps on defense AND Tampa actually came to play. No clue why Trestman is so adamant about playing Cornelius.

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Now watching the XFL, LA Wildcats vs. NY Guardians

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Roughnecks still undefeated baybee!

Seattle should have had that last 2 seconds or so to attempt a play, though. Doubt they would’ve been able to make a difference, but whatever. Still should have had the attempt.

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That was a pretty nice game! I also watched it. :slight_smile:

Aside from that, admittedly, minor botch at the end? Great game. Watching Guardians @ Renegades right now, Dallas is really suffering without Jones.