Super Bowl LIV

49ers vs Chiefs. 49ers fan here since the early 1990s. I expect a close game. Lets hear everyone’s predictions and thoughts. :football:


I am not a fan of either team nor do I hate any of them.
Both deserve a win because they played a great season and haven’t won a SB in a long time.
I want to see a good game. If the 49ers win then there will be a second German player with a Super Bowl ring (Linebacker Mark Nzeocha. The only other German with a ring is Sebastian Vollmer, who played O-Line for the Pats) so I kinda root for them a bit.
On the other hand: the Chiefs haven’t won the SB since 1970 and I really like their coach and Patrick Mahomes…

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49ers stomp-fest.

I’m gonna go with Mahomes, Reid, and KC pulling a miracle out.

I’m going with the Chiefs.

Looks like I’ll be sitting through it. I’m not a sports fan but the rest of my crew seem pretty keen to watch the game this evening. :crazy_face:


If the 9ers D can stop Mahomes it will be a low scoring game and the 9ers win. But if Mahomes finds his rhythm the I dont think Jimmy G can keep up.

First, it’s the “Chefs,” not the “Chiefs” and you will never convince me otherwise. Second, why watch handegg when you can have Zoidberg play DCS? :thinking:


Expecting the Niners to win, but hoping for a good game more than anything.


I honestly don’t care who wins - most importantly, I’m off tonight and can drink beers! :beers:


Chiefs are my sentimental favorites but I expect a 49ers win.



Sitting here drinking Gin Tonic.
I have half a day off tomorrow. I hope the game is worth it.

I’m hoping for a good game, and more excited for the food and beverage, honestly:


Nice spread!

Mahomes took a big boy hit there down near the one. That made me nervous…

Some interesting plays already!

Ok… I guess we have seen worse halftime shows. Namely the last two. But I was not very impressed. Especially not by J.Lo’s part.

But then I am not a fan of medleys in general and also not a big fan of J.Lo’s music in general.

I also think she overdid the clothes thing. Looked a bit cheap to me.

Also: when two people do a show together I kinda expect them to do a bit more together I guess. People say a lot of negative things about Katy Perry’s and Lenny Kravitz’s show (also with Missy Elliott) 2015, but it was a show they did together.


I don’t care what the final score turns out to be…Shakira WINS!


Agree. Shakira wins for me as well.


She’s not a singer- my younger brother was in a band with a guy who had produced for her. Takes a full suite.of software between a bank of computers to make her sound like that.

And yeah, Redhead Shakira is my favorite of all the Shakiras.