Aginor's weird NFL thread


Maaaaaan the Cowboys just play too many fouls. That kills their game. :frowning:


I’m sorry I have to root for Atlanta on this one :frowning: No Eagles this week…

I was actually in Dallas (DFW) last night connecting from Cozumel. I went into all the Cowboys stores (there are a ton of them) and wiped my nose on the sleeves of all the jerseys… :wink:



Well, seems that are losing this one big time. Now they lost Lee and Heath… I fear the playoffs are out of sight.


:frowning: Well, I would hate that…regardless of my NFC East feelings, I still like to see a strong NFC East conference representing in the playoffs.


Well at least the Eagles are really strong this year. They can get very far I think.

Dallas has a chance if they can at least beat Washington, the Chargers and NY. Might juuust make the Wildcard game.


Good luck. As a 40 year + Eagles fan, I’m hoping for the best for my team, but kind of anticipating the worst. :see_no_evil:


Philly pretty much fixed all the problems we had last year w/ no WRs worth anything, forcing Celik and Ertz to play outside routes instead of inside TE Routes they dominate on.

only issue I’m worried about is running backs and eventual O-Line Implosion as more starters fall.

Dallas has issues, and they have a huge distraction w/ Elliot’s case (which is total BS BTW, But I Wont go into that).


I don’t think it is only the Elliott thing.
They have quite some injured guys. The one that especially hurt in the last game was the left tackle, but also Lee and Heath.

As for the Eagles’ running game: I think they will be fine. Both Blount and Ajayi aren’t bad at all. And with Wentz passing skills they won’t have much to do anyway. :smile:


This is a pretty neat graphic…showing the odds since the beginning of the season through Week 10 of each team winning the Super Bowl… My favorite comment about it was from a Brown’s fan - “Hey…I don’t see the…oh…right…”


dunno why New England is ranked so high…


Today on German TV:
Rams @ Vikings
Patriots vs. Raiders in Mexico


Patriots stayed out west after the Denver game to train at altitude all week.


And it seems it worked.
And Oakland… man those guys are completely out of luck it seems.


That Redskins vs. Saints game was nuts.


So was Cowboys vs. Eagles. I am kinda glad I didn’t watch it. The highlights video is bad enough already.


Yeah - it was a pretty rough go for the Cowboys. It could have been different if that first quarter pass by the Cowboys had resulted in a touchdown - I thought the Eagle defender definitely should have been called on pass interference on that play.

My heart jumped in my chest when the announcer said Wentz was going into the medical tent after one of those sacks.


Four turnovers is just way too much. The game actually looked pretty close until the 4th quarter despite them but then the Cowboys just broke down it seems.


woulda been a different game if philly hadnt lost their kicker, instead of going for it every 4th down and 2 pt conversion, we coulda been held to 3 pts instead of 8 on several drives.


Today on German TV:
Chargers @ Dallas
Giants @ Redskins

Happy Thanksgiving @ all my American friends!
(And also @everyone else. :slight_smile: )


Thanks Aginor. I remember spending Thanksgiving in München a few times. I wondered into a nice restaurant in Schwabing that had an American Thanksgiving sign in the window. The restaurant was decorated beautifully and the wait staff was very gracious. They really seemed to have their act together. My mouth was watering at the prospect of having turkey on the appropriate day. However, when our main courses were served, alas, it was goose and my hopes were dashed in an instant. I had been living there 3 years and was probably feeling homesick.