Aginor's weird NFL thread


The game does a lot of things pretty well though. I am surprised how often real life strengths and weaknesses apply in the game.
But yeah, fan made player rosters are better IMO. The EA ones seem to be wishful thinking at times…


One German TV station lately started broadcasting college football live.
So right now I am watching Oklahoma State vs. West Virginia

Interesting. Not quite up to the NFL standards I am used to, but enough to feed the addiction a bit.
…and not too late at night which is nice as well.

As for my Madden season: I beat Kansas City 35-24. I have been training the passing game and that was the key. Also got one INT and a sack fumble which helped since that offense beat me most of the time.
So I yet have to lose a game but the next one against Atlanta will be hard.


Today on German TV:
Patriots vs. Chargers
Seahawks vs. Texans

And I am watching the Cowboys game in a live stream.


Yeah…caught the last quarter of the Eagles. Now watching the Skins and Cowboys. Sorry, I’m gonna have to root for the Skins since they are the lesser of the two evils in my division…LOL…


Lol no problem. It is just sports after all. :slight_smile:
But btw I enjoy watching Wentz and the Eagles a lot. Some great plays in all those games.


It’s a good game thus far. A lot of back and forth…I can’t wait for halftime so I can run out and buy some beer and bachelor food (kids and wife are away this weekend…)


Too many penalties kills it a bit for the Cowboys I fear.


Woooooow blocked FG and almost TD. Not bad.
Elliott punched it in so it is a better game now for me. :smile:


Yeah…good game so far. That was a big block for Dallas…


Did you catch the Notre Dame game? I’m still pretty angry about that one.


Nope they only broadcast one game per week.


Woooohoooo! :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football:


Good game. I had some hope for the Redskins there in the last two minutes…but it was a bridge too far…


Bold predictions for week 9:

  • Patriots will not win!
  • Browns will not lose!



Well done Aginor! If you are making bye week jokes you are as knowledgeable about American football as anyone here in the states.

(The Patriots win even when they don’t play because everyone else is still worrying about them)


Watching Texas A&M vs. Auburn right now.
Not too bad. Unfortunately missed almost the full first half.


Today on German TV:
Broncos @ Eagles (great show by Wentz so far!)
Falcons @ Panthers
Redskins @ Seahawks

I am also going to try and watch the Cowboys game if the stream works here. (I am in a hotel right now)


CBS Cut off the eagles game, had to resort to NFL / Verizon App on my Phone to watch.


Boo that sucks.

Cowboys won against Chiefs! I honestly expected the opposite.
But very cool plays by the Chiefs in there as well. Unfortunately I could only watch half of the game, but the highlight video looks like it was fun to watch. Grml…


Today on German TV:
Vikings @ Redskins (great game so far)
Cowboys vs. Falcons