Aginor's weird NFL thread


OMG I don’t know much about Baseball, but this is hilarious!


Watching the reviews of the other games now.

I am not a Broncos fan, but MAN that defense is great. I probably will never get tired of seeing stuff like defense touchdowns.

Also Cardinals vs. Buccaneers: WOOOOOOOT!!
It made me photoshop another one:


The World Cup of Hockey has been pretty enjoyable so far. I was pretty skeptical of the idea of the Team Europe and Team North America, but it’s meant for an interesting set of games so far.


Getting ready to sit down and watch “my” team (Philadelphia Eagles) play against the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football. I’m not super interested, but I do it to feel solidarity with my Dad and brother…who are huge football fans. So went to the store, bought some meatballs, marina, mozzarella cheese, and some fresh buns, and gonna indulge in meatball subs and beer (our family tradition) while watching the Eagles (hopefully) not get eaten by the bear as Aginor would no doubt create.

PS - @Aginor - I love that Bronco biting the Panther. Gonna have to print that out and post it in my office…a veritable den of Panther fans…


Well…this has been satisfying. If Wentz doesn’t stop running the ball though…he’s gonna end up seriously injured. Good showing though…


Oh…and even though I’m not a huge fan of football…I’m familiar enough with it to know that:

  1. I can’t stand the ESPN camera angles during Monday Night Football.

  2. This new announcer guy (who is quite experienced) Sean McDonough is horrible. I mean, that was painful listening to him. Bring back Tirico or import someone else.


I think I’ll go ahead and try and do such a photoshop picture every time a team wins by a big margin, like more than 21 points or so, or whenever I have a funny idea. Some logos fit better than others of course, and my photoshop skills mainly consist of copying, cutting, and pasting.

Checking the results…
…I have to do 49ers beating Rams, and also Steelers beating Redskins and Chargers beating Jaguars.
The last one will probably be easy, and I have an idea for one of the others as well.


[quote=“Aginor, post:27, topic:2788”]

Hey I know those! Joe Montana is the pitcher, right? He’s the one throwing the ball…


…eehmm… yeah… almost. :smiley:
EDIT: Also I just noticed I omitted Joe Montana him from my list of great quarterbacks.


@Aginor, when I lived in Munich in the early '90s, we used to follow the Munich Cowboys. They were a minor team but well attended by enthusiastic fans. Cheerleaders too! Anyway, I happen to know one of the running backs (his older sister was my girlfriend), and he went on to play at Frankfurt in the WFL. So, my opinion is that American football was very popular in Germany, at least when I lived there '89-'04.

I played up through my first year of college, so 11 years from 8 years old until 19. I stopped playing after my freshman year because of having really bad headaches after practice due to impacts (playing linebacker). So much so, that I had a hard time studying at night after practice. Anyway, I elected not to play my sophomore year, and even though at the time I was ashamed at being a “quitter”, that might have been a fortunate decision. My gut was that if it makes your head hurt for a couple of hours after practice, even though we had top of the line equipment including helmets, that there was something wrong with either my head or the game.

Where I live in Atlanta, a lot of parents are moving their kids to lacrosse and soccer due to the recent studies on repetitive impacts to the head. I am told that some of the youth football leagues are having trouble finding enough players, while lacrosse and soccer do not have enough team slots, coaches, officials, and fields to play on.

For those fans who think that this is an excuse for litigation, there is always UFC (cage fighting). There is surely enough elbow to cranium contact to satisfy even a caveman. Like it, I hope that football doesn’t turn into the blue collar sport that boxing has become.

Not wanting to put a complete downer on this discussion, I am very much encouraged by the new rules in place in the NFL and NCAA which discourage helmet to helmet contact. Let’s hope that it is enough. I still very much follow my college team and watch the NFL when there is a compelling game.


I am like 75% sure I have those saved somewhere. Must check when I get home


It is correct that in the early 90s there was a rise in popularity of American Football in Germany.
That was the time it was broadcasted regularly, and many teams were founded.

In the World League (later called NFL Europe) there were some really good (not NFL niveau but at least the same order of magnitude) European teams. I remember watching some games and they were enjoyable.

Then there were some additional teams in big cities like Munich, Berlin, Hamburg and so on, but apart from those there was just a big lack of players, which is natural in a country that doesn’t have a tradition for a certain sport. There are neither school teams nor college teams here AFAIK.

Nowadays the situation is much better thhough. Still not even near to the US, but we do have several leagues and lots of teams. Here’s a list (German Wikipedia, but might be fun for y’all to see a list)

The team in my home town is playing in one of the “tier 3” leagues. I think I really have to visit a game again after all those years, at least they look professional now, which they certainly didn’t back in the 90s

Unfortunately the regular season is over for this year. It seems American Football season is in summer/fall here in Germany, the playoffs will be over in October.


Ok, here we go again!

In week one the 49ers beat the Rams 28:0

Also the Steelers kind of stole the feathers from the Redskins, 38:16

And in week 2 the Chargers had an electrifying game against the Jaguars, 38:14


… Except that one first game of the season where a quarterback takes five helmet to helmet hits and no penalties are called… I’ve lost a lot of faith in the league, and especially Goodell the last few years with shenanigans like this.


Yeah that was kinda weird.
They seem to be over zealous in some things and not very consistent in others.

I guess that will stabilize during the season though.


Folks still ask me why I’ve been a Miami Dolphin’s fan all these years…

Couple of reasons come to mind.



OMBFG! Who did those?! I WANNA BE HIM!
GOsh- taking notes there… Tis gon be gud!


Wow. That guy is SO much better than me, it hurts.
But then, he’s an artist, and I am certainly not, so he HAS to be better than me I guess.


That Panthers vs. Saints one…

“And shepherds we shall be…”