Aginor's weird NFL thread


…I wonder:
Has anyone of y’all played a NFL game on the console?
Sadly there is no Madden NFL for the PC, but I do own a PS3. I wonder if it is any good. I haven’t played a sports game since FIFA 98 or so, and I have no clue how those NFL games are like.

It is damn expensive so I would hate to buy it and not like it…


Can someone tell me what is a good AMERICAN FOOTBALL PC Game? If i make a search from Italy it seem that nothing exist…but I know that there is MADDEN’s series and ESPN FOOTBAL 2016 at least…but it seem that from Italy I cant have access and buy them. Any help is welcome :slight_smile:


I think the last Madden for PC was 2008 or so.
There are one or two American football games on Steam but they don’t look very good on first glance.


This one maybe?
Without license though. So you have fantasy teams, which makes it less attractive


This is the most recent one:


And it seems you can mod it to have NFL teams.

But the tech and AI might not fully be up to the level of Madden. But it is 20 Dollars and you can play it on a PC


I’ve watched a few vids, and I no kinda regret I don’t have a PS4 or XBOX.
…and I am buying Madden 17 for PS3 now. 60 bucks, but man, I want to try that thing out.
If I could watch more football on TV here in Germany I would probably not buy it.
But now I want to.


Aginor did you watch the Patriots last night on the Twitter feed?


No, I had no time unfortunately.


I just watched the highlights video on
I am not a fan of the Patriots, but I recognize a good defense when I see one, and that certainly was one!

And 27:0 means a new one of my horrible Photoshop jobs is in order. Coming up soon! :smiley:

But also bad news: It seems that Brissett got hurt a bit during the game. Which means the Patriots now have two injured QBs…


Ok, I am not quite happy with that one, still posting it.


Ok, in case this thread is not weird enough already, I am going to make predictions for the games now, based on… let’s say previous games and reading

Here’s week 3, and a number between 1 and 10 how sure I am:

  • Cardinals beat Bills, 8
  • Raiders beat Titans, 5
  • Giants beat Redskins, 8
  • Dolphins beat Browns, 7
  • Jaguars beat Ravens, 6
  • Packers beat Lions, 9
  • Broncos beat Bengals, 9
  • Panthers beat Vikings, 7
  • Rams beat Buccaneers, 5
  • Seahawks beat 49ers, 9
  • Chiefs beat Jets, 7
  • Colts beat Chargers, 6
  • Steelers beat Eagles, 6
  • Cowboys beat Bears, 5


German TV shows us Packers vs. Lions right now.
Good pick, there were some nice plays already. :slight_smile:

Later they will show Seahawks vs. 49ers.


Wow, the Panthers lost against the Vikings 10:22
And the Cardinals managed to lose 18:33 against the Bills? Very strange.
Looking forward to watching all those review videos.


Nice games. The Seahawks pretty much demolished the 49ers. Not enough for a picture though. I think the 49ers should have let Kaepernick play.

Now watching Jets vs. Chiefs, the last few minutes.
Really bad day for the Jets’ QB. 4 interceptions!

Edit: wow. Make that 6. In total 8 turnovers…


I’m glad the 49ers were able to get a few points in the fourth, I didn’t get a chance to watch the game but it seemed brutal when ever I checked in on it.

Packers won though :+1:


I’m starting to think my Eagles are the real deal this year.


Yeah, there were some unexpected results this week.
I will watch the review videos tonight.

Upcoming pictures:

  • Eagles vs. Steelers
  • Chiefs vs. Jets

The 49ers were lucky that the Seahawks defense got a bit lazy during the last quarter I think. And also Gabbert finally managed to get some passes through.

The Packers played pretty nicely IMO. The result doesn’t look like it, but IMO they looked pretty dominant for large parts of the game.


Yeah, the Eagles look pretty balanced and well coached. Glad that we are no longer in the same division. McNabb gave us fits. Eagles/Falcons 11/13/16


It’s been a very, very bad week in Charlotte, and I think it was pretty obvious that most of the team’s heads weren’t in the game.