Aginor's weird NFL thread


Over 140dB in the Arrowhead Stadium.
That’s like a Space Shuttle launch. Holy crap.


Cincy got really, really lucky just now keeping the ball.


Meanwhile the 49ers look like they are going absolutely nowhere.
Jimmy G’s offense gets smothered while Mahomes is on fire.


Good old Alfred Morris scoring a TD for the 49ers.
As a Cowboys fan I know him well of course. A really cool guy as well.


Saints and Falcons are in a barn burner. One of those games where the team with the last possession wins. Drew Brees has broken Bret Favre’s completion record.


Good win for the Panthers! McCaffrey ran for 184yrds

BTW, Miami Dolphins are 3-0. Just saying.


Watching the OT now.
Holy crap 37-37? A lot of points right there.

Also saw a few plays. Brees has a good day it seems, even scrambling and spinning to score.


Also: Bills beat Vikings 27-6??? Talk about unlikely results.


Dallas defense looks good so far.
Offense… sigh


Oh, look!
I found a picture that describes the Cowboys performance against the Seahawks:


To recap:

  1. the Cleveland Brown’s won a game
  2. the Miami Dolphins are 3-0 and on top of the AFC East
  3. the Detroit Lions are currently beating the New England Patriots

My advice - go to church…the end is near!


Yeah it has been a wild day.
I just watched the Patriots game highlights and it feels like they rarely got a 3rd down conversion. Maybe it helped the Lions that they have the former Patriots defense coordinator as their head coach, but their offense also looked quite nice.

I also just read that the Browns (yeah I am watching them closely this year) will play with Mayfield as their starting QB. I think he deserves it but it is a lot of pressure for a young guy.


Oh no, bad news for all 49ers fans:
Jimmy G is out for the whole season with a torn ACL. Ouch.


Let’s see what our forum fortune teller thinks of the Dolphins chances this season. icon_mrgreen

@discobot fortune
Will the Dolphins win the Superbowl this year.



:crystal_ball: Very doubtful


Lol, he knows the Dolphins too well. 043



Watching College Football right now.
Arkansas vs Texas a&m is the first one that I could find a good stream for so this is the one I am watching.
I have no clue at all which college teams are the good ones so we will see. :smiley:


Funny that the very first working stream I find is one from the Cowboys stadium, with Jerry Jones there and his grandson being in one of the teams. Must be fate.

Also fun fact:
As far as I can tell there are ten German players in college football right now (list from May so might not be completely accurate anymore)

•Luis Bach
(LB, Wyoming, Burgoberbach)
•Moritz Christ
(OL, Washington State, Siegen)
•Max Dahl
(QB, Pomona College, Munich)
•Fabian Hoeller
(OL, UMass, Cologne)
•Jakob Johnson
(MLB, Tennessee, Stuttgart)
•Lukas Kolter
(OL, UMass, Cologne)
•Jean-Claude Madin Cerezo
(WR, Northern Colorado, Hamburg)
•Eric Nzeocha
(LB, Wyoming, Neusitz)
•Max Sommer
(OL, Liberty, Hamburg)
•Benedict Wezel
(OL, Maine, Berlin)

So I might go and watch a game of one of their teams soon.
I mean: I have to pick teams to watch somehow.

So… is there a page with rankings or something?
I’d like to have some more info on which games might be worth watching, top teams facing off.


TIL Liberty University has a football team.

Who knew?


Now watching Baylor (I don’t even know where that is) vs Oklahoma.