Aginor's weird NFL thread


Waco, TX. Same place as that ridiculously good-looking couple from the HGTV show that does renovations.

And, uh, that one cult thing back in the 90’s.


Sometimes when ESPN shows results they put a number in front of a team, such as “5 LSU” or “13 UCF”. What do those mean?


NCAA Ranking for the Bowl Championship Series. Which is completely arbitrary, in no way based in reality, and seems to include conditions such as:

  • How much money the team is kicking back bringing in to the NCAA and ESPN every week during the season

  • Number of lawsuits and criminal charges against players and coaches that got covered up the previous year

  • The votes of sportswriters who are secretly living out their own unrealized professional sports fantasies vicariously through their teams of choice

  • Ratio of the head coach’s paycheck to funding for other academic departments

  • Physical attractiveness of the school’s cheerleaders, for showing on TV during timeouts.


Navynuke, I thought you went to NC State? You’re sounding like a Tarheel :slight_smile:


Ok, thanks!

So a team that doesn’t even have a number (such as Baylor) still has a decent chance against one that had a single digit one?

And to phrase this a bit more widely: what’s the variance in power in that league? Are there, like, 10 teams who always win except when facing each other and all the other matchups are pretty boring? Or is it more like the NFL where pretty much anything can happen?


Year after year, we never get any respect in the ACC or the greater NCAA even when we have a good team. It’s always about the team we’re playing (Florida State, Notre Dame, etc) having an off week. I might be a little bitter. :wink:


Aginor, this is the difference between the NFL and college football. In college ball anything can happen


Ok. So how does the league work? Do they have conferences or divisions like the NFL?

So would Alabama for example ever play against UCLA?


Ah man, that’s a very deep rabbit hole to descend down into. There are teams that have dynasties year after year, partially because the conference they play in, partially because of the strength of their recruiting based on name and reputation alone. The more, let’s say, “powerful” teams will also attract massive amounts of money from alumni donation that go to… honestly, who knows what, but it seems to help attract peak high school talent. However, things like that can change from year to year (see also: schools like Appalachian State that every now and again embarrass big power houses like Michigan or Penn State).


A few observations:

  • some nice plays in that game!
  • Oklahoma is definitely a bit too strong for Baylor.
  • the crowd there is…wild. a very different atmosphere there with marching bands and so on. Lots of drinking people and weird hats and t-shirts and stuff.


You should be watching the Ohio State vs Penn St game… A “white out”, and a whole stadium of drinking people.

Go Bucks!


Unfortunately I cannot watch the evening games.
Keep in mind that - depending in which US time zone you are - I am six to eight hours ahead of you.
That means that I can easily watch the 12PM or 02PM games, but the 04PM games may already end 2 o’clock in the morning in my time zone.
The late games start at that point and end at sunrise.

Pretty much the only football game I watch at that time of the night is the Super Bowl, and I have to take the day off after it.


Today on German TV:
Dolphins vs. Patriots


Great INT from McCain there!


To me that was an obvious pick play (Patriots first TD) but the refs didn’t see it. :frowning:


Also watching Lions @ Cowboys in a stream.
So far the Offense looks a bit better than last week.


That seems to happen a lot with the Pats…

Steelers have a rivalry match tonight, which should be fun to watch.


Finally a good drive by the Cowboys (especially Elliott and Prescott remembering how to play football) and they go into halftime with a 3 point lead.


Vinatieri, at age 45, kicks his 566th field goal, breaking Morten Anderson’s record. Yay for old people!


You know you are something special when someone from the opposing team congratulates you after the play.