Aginor's weird NFL thread


Now watching Broncos vs. Chiefs.
Unfortunately my TV is failing it seems, so I missed the first quarter.


In parallel watching Browns @ Steelers.


Browns looked pretty OK in the first half, especially the defense, but in the second half… well… seems like the Steelers will win that one.


And I think I finally get how watching Browns games is an interesting thing to do:

  • They are good enough to give the other team a run for their money. Even the good ones
  • sometimes the fails are funny to watch
  • You might just see an unlikely win happen! They are the ultimate underdogs. Hard not to root for them unless they play your favourite team.


It’s just tough to watch when they are your home team.


Yeah I totally understand that.
Hang in there, they show a lot of progress this year!


Watching Packers vs. Rams now.
Man, I love Aaron Rodgers- except when my team has to play against him. :smiley:


Adam Vinatieri is now the NFL’s all time leading scorer with 2547 points!

Fun fact: in the top50 of that list there is only one player who did not play kicker.
Jerry Rice made it to #37 with a bit more than 1200 points, Emmitt Smith made it to #53 at least with a bit more than 1000 points.


Nice game.
Rams win and make it 8-0 this season.
Not much wizardry from Rodgers this time.


Looks like the Browns fired both their head coach and their offensive coordinator.
Gregg Williams is head coach for now.
If you watched “All or Nothing” you might know him, he was defense coach for the Rams when Jeff Fisher was still there.
I think they did well in keeping him, the Browns defense actually wasn’t the reason why they lost their games.
Curious how they will develop under a new HC and OC.


I’m not sure exactly what message the Browns are hoping to send here though. While I agree that they were losing games they probably shouldn’t have, it still comes down to talent on the field and the Browns just don’t have a lot of it. Their offensive line play was abysmal yesterday.


I don’t know. Some of the guys playing for the Browns were pretty good in college, there is sure some potential there. Both in the line and the skill positions. Take Mayfield for example. That guy is really talented. Sure a new QB needs a good line to have that extra second to throw the ball well.
Dak Prescott in his rookie year is a perfect example.
And you have to give the guys solid plays to work with.

So I guess it really can be a matter of coaching. A different OC and/or head coach can change a LOT. A good example are the Rams. Compare the Fisher era to McVey only a year later.

Dallas fired their O-line coach a few hours ago. I can imagine that’s a reaction to exactly that. Sure, they have B quality line men stepping up because of the injuries and so on, but all of those guys are pretty good. The thing you have to make them do is work well together, so they can get holes open for Zeke and give Dak time to throw the ball. Thats a coaching task. For the Cowboys that failed during the last few weeks so they made a change there.

Might well be the same for the Browns. Everyone has seem that potential the players have, but it just wasn’t clicking together correctly.


Watching Texas A&M vs. Auburn right now.


Georgia vs. Kentucky now.


Today on German TV:
Steelers vs. Ravens


I only saw it for a split second but I think there was a flyover of four A-10C. I like. :slight_smile:


Watching Flacons at Redskins. Birds are up 21-7 at half and looking good. But that’s just a two score lead. And we know how that goes in the NFL.


It’s “Salute to the Military” week apparently, so that could definitely be a thing.


I think it is even the whole month.
But yeah lots of interesting flyovers in the last few years (I googled it)


Yeah, need me one of those OD Falcons hats.