Aginor's weird NFL thread


Good defense by the Cowboys again, but the offense just failed exactly in the wrong moments.


@discobot Fortune
Can the Miami Dolphins turn around this season?



:crystal_ball: Yes definitely


@discobot Fortune
Is it likely?



:crystal_ball: Ask again later


Dolphins play Houston tonight!!!

Prayers sent…


@discobot Fortune
Are the Dolphins going to get blown out by Houston tonight?



:crystal_ball: Don’t count on it


Woohoo, they are only going to lose by a touchdown!!



Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Go porpoises!


Eagles are playing at 9AM Friday. LOL. I have two kids soccer games to go to…so I won’t be catching that…


I think discobot only channeled the first half for his responses.
42-23 Ouch…



Brock Osweiler. Nuff said.

But you gotta give it to the Texans, it seems they played well. Those stats of Watson look great.


heavy sigh


Watching College Football again.
Georgia vs. Florida


Those commentators are ON FIRE!
They just talked about that rivalry, in fact they made a funny video for it. Including fun facts like:

  • That rivalry lasts so long and is so intense, the teams cannot even agree on when it started! :'D
    (Gators say 1915, Bulldogs say 1904)
  • since 1933 they play each other in Jacksonville, and since then it has been pretty equal, with just one win difference.

Man, those guys are crazy. :smiley:
Really different to the NFL.


Now watching the London game Eagles vs. Jaguars


Yeah, that’s about as legendary border war as they come. Played at a “neutral” site, Jacksonville, it is AKA the world’s largest outdoor cocktail party. Fans begin leaving Atlanta early in the week in their motorhomes for a nonstop tailgate party that is most likely still going on this morning.

Probably the most famous of all plays, at least in the minds of Dawg fans, is this play call by legendary announcer Larry Munson not only describes the play, but what will happen after the game :smile:


The passion of a Larry Munson is what is missing in most sports announcers these days.