Aginor's weird NFL thread


Meanwhile it looks like Brees and his Saints are destroying the Bengals.

The Patriots game… not bad actually. The Titans play a good game up to this point.


Holy crap now I am happy that I am watching this game. The Titans make awesome plays.

In fact I am not even angry anymore that they destroyed my Cowboys last week. This is great.


Also: Brooooooowns!!! :smile:


Browns FINALLY put it together on both sides of the ball today.


Wow. I have not seem such a thing in the NFL yet. At least I don’t remember. The Patriots basically concede the game with five minutes on the clock. Their starters have left the field.


Next up on German TV:
Seahawks vs. Rams


Yeah, hard to imagine that Mayfield is a rookie. Congrats Browns fans.


Saving Players from injury in a meaningless game or a rout has happened quite regularly. Makes sense actually.



Yeah sure, but I haven’t seen it from the Patriots yet. Brady is known for making his really good plays in the 4th quarter and for fighting to the end.


I can honestly say I wasn’t a fan of his selection by the Browns number one initially, but he’s proving that he was worth the pick.


Rams won!
Nice game, the Seahawks really have them a run for their money.


Woke up this morning and looked st my phone to check the NFL app (Cowboys game started two o’clock in the morning in my time zone so couldn’t watch it), expecting another lost game.

…but they won! :slight_smile:
(Still won’t reach the playoffs but at least something worked it seems).


I thought they were insane trading Carlos Hyde, but Chubb is really turning it on.


You were not the only person in that boat piper. I felt exactly the same and just like Baker, John Dorsey keeps proving me wrong.


Watching Northwestern vs Minnesota now.


Now watching Boston College vs. Florida State


I’m worn out after watching the Buckeyes…

They’re not playing well at all, but…who cares, it’s officially michigan Week!!!


I can totally imagine not wanting to watch other games after the one of my favourite team, especially when they lost (or had a close win).
Sometimes I am glad I can just watch those College Football games just for the sake of seeing nice plays. No horse in the race. :slight_smile:


They definitely look bad…


Unfortunately didn’t have the time to watch the games until now.

Now watching the game Dallas vs. Atlanta, and German TV in parallel, they show Texans vs. Redskins