Aginor's weird NFL thread


@chipwich any thoughts so far?
IMO it looks like the two defenses really shine today.


Wtf I was in the bathroom for 30 seconds, while the Falcons had the ball, and I missed a Cowboys TD?? What happened there???


Without the dropped TD and missed PAT that would have been more relaxing.
But in the end: yay Cowboys won again! :slight_smile:


Now watching Eagles vs. Saints


Oh no bad news for the Redskins:
Alex Smith broke Tibia and Fibula in his leg. That’s it for the season.

That’s of course good news for my Cowboys, but that’s really not something that you should wish for.


Oh-oh. @BeachAV8R don’t look.
Drew Brees and his Saints look like they might make minced meat out of the Eagles.


German TV now switched over to the Denver vs. LA Chargers game because the Eagles - Saints game is… not that exciting.


The Eagles offensive line is just not there…combined with Wentz just not looking good. I’m almost thinking they should let Wentz recover more and go ahead and put Foles in for the remainder of the season and hope for a Philly Miracle…


Yeah I think the O-line is one of the biggest problems. A lot of injured players there.
Same problem for the Cowboys, when the line is not good enough the QB doesn’t have enough time and then gets sacked or throws INTs.
Both Wentz and Prescott can play a lot better than they do right now.


Aginor, in case you didn’t know…

This Saturday, in college football is what is called Rivalry Weekend. IMHO, THE best weekend in college ball.
A link to explain:

Just root for the Buckeye’s!


Ah, didn’t know about that yet.
Thanks for the heads-up!


Buckeyes are a poisonous nut. Wolverines, while also dangerous, are much cooler. Root for the Wolverines!


Ah yes, NC State is playing “we’re not really your rival, except when we beat you” UNC this weekend.

And seeing how bad we’re likely to steamroll them this year, the Tarheel fans will be screaming “you’re not even really our rival.”


Not sure who to root for in the Skins vs. Cowboys game. As an Eagles fan…maybe I should hope for a tie? Washington leads the division though…but to root for Dallas…



A Buckeye is:

Scarlet & Gray or blue and yellow… Choice is clear. Go Bucks!


@discobot Fortune
Will Beach get over his moral dilemma before the game and root for the Cowboys?



Lol, Even discobot found that one too hard to predict.



Discobot is probably a Giants fan. Eww…


Man, I am bad at hating. But if it is rivalry week…
Maybe I can insult everyone at once. Equally. Because I don’t have strong opinions on most of them. Let’s go:

Michigan Wolverines? How lame is it to call yourself after a Marvel super hero?! That would be like painting a star on your jersey and call yourself Captain America’s Team…oh wait… uhmm… I am bad at this…

Hmmm… ok, a bit of NFL (you started). About those Redskins: how can you hate them but not devolve into being racist against the… native Americans? First Nation? I don’t even know what the correct term is!? How can they still get away with calling themselves Redskins?
Anyway. They suck. And still they lead the division. @BeachAV8R should obviously root for the Cowboys. Even though he hates them. But his Eagles suck so much, Dyson will be calling their next vacuum cleaner after them.
Also: they will lose. Everyone knows that backup QBs cannot…oh wait, Foles also was… whatever.

Ehhh… Ok, let’s see. More hate: Those tree huggers from Ohio (seriously. A tree? Why? Or… was it the T-2 Buckeye?)
The Marvel guys will scratch their claws on their goal posts. Which are probably made of wood since all the industry happened further north.

Alabama. Crimson tide, eh? Never heard of tampons? Seriously, that’s embarrassing.
But what else? Now they have a QB who has an unpronounceable name, so everyone just shouts “tug the viola” and hopes that nobody notices.

Auburn. Hmm… the last good player they produced is Cam Newton, a guy who looks like a defensive end but plays QB. And also dresses like a pimp. They call themselves Tigers but their logo makes a face like my house cat while sitting in her litter box.

Ok…I am not getting better at this, do I?
I guess I’ll stop here for now. I had to look up all the teams on the Internet and make stuff up based on that anyway. :smiley:


Ok, one more.
Gators (lame, named after the isotonic drink) against Semaphores, eh… Semicolons? Semiannuals? (Probably named that way because they only win twice a year).
They are both from the sunshine state, a state that changed its owner so often in history that they chose to rip their state motto from the one dollar bill, they chose “In God we trust” because that’s pretty much the only thing they can trust in.