Aginor's weird NFL thread


This year we see a LOT of great defense in the wildcard games!
Love the game so far.

What bothers me when watching football on TV though: the camera is too close, you cannot see the deep coverage by the safeties well.


Ahahahaha imagine there is a fumble and nobody recovers it!? :smile:


Foles had to throw a perfect pass and he did.


@Beachav8r you still alive? :smiley:


I vote the Eagles coach as MVP. :rofl:


I cheered. Then I threw up. Then I cheered through my throw up. Then I cried for the Bears kicker. I’m worn out.


Parkey has hit more goal posts than anyone.


It could have only been more painful if it had hit the right upright after hitting the left one and the crossbar. If you look closely at the footage at the wind indicator at the top of the left goalpost…as the ball is flying toward the goal, the left to right crosswind suddenly stops. Ouch.


It was the collective inhalation of air by us Eagles fans…




The silence was deafening in that stadium after time ran out.


Reminded me of Scott Norwood’s miss in Superbowl 25. Another game won by a single point.



Best comment I’ve read (even though I really feel bad for the dude):

“Odds makers have it 70-30 that if Parkey is released by the Bears that he’ll walk into the doorframe as he’s leaving.”


Heaven Forbid! It is too terrible to contemplate.

It is OK for children to like the Rams. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok. Wow. Guys. Wow.

I mean: I am not an expert on clothing or anything, but: Who is that dude on the left? Where did he get that sweater? And why? What the hell? I don’t even…
So many questions.


Oh and kinda related question:
One guy in another video about the Boys said:

“Being a QB for the Cowboys is like being a shortstop for the Yankees”.
I understand that means he is in the spotlight, everyone looks at him?
What is a shortstop? And why is he more important in a baseball team than everyone else? Why is a Yankees shortstop different?

I know as much as Jon Snow about baseball so I fear I might be not getting the full meaning of the quote here. Please explain. :slight_smile:


My wild guess would be he’s a professional athlete that has made enough money in a short career to not ever have to care about if people like his shirt or not. :slight_smile:

The Yankees are a historically successful baseball team, and a shortstop is a role player on a team. He’s probably saying that a QB for Cowboys is set up for success, even if he doesn’t have to be the star. That’s how I would understand it anyway…


my dad was a Bills fan, dont remind me


Parkey is the new Finkle.


I read the ball was touched by an Eagles player though, so it wasn’t his fault maybe?


Shortstop. The defensive position played between 2nd base and 3rd base. Most players are right handed so a hit baseball more often goes towards the left (as looking from home plate), so in the general direction of the shortstop.

A hit ball that gets beyond the base lines and into the outfield, is more likely to become a base hit. A ball that is kept by the defense players in the infield, i.e. stopped short of the outfield, is likely to result in an offense player being tagged or forceed out.

Thus, the shortstop is a key position. While he does not have responsibility for one of the three bases, he is very often involved in defensive plays…a lot of times a “play maker”. So a shortstop must be a step above athlete / aseball player.

And the NY Yankees are a historic famous team, like the Cowboys in football.