Aginor's weird NFL thread


That Miami/Buffalo game was ugly…



Wish me luck! I just applied for the Miami Dolphins head coaching job.

Evidently you don’t have to know anything about football to apply.
(only drawback - seems to be a temporary position…)


If you get it let me know if you need an assistant coach. My qualifications are just as extensive as you claim yours to be. :sunglasses:



I have played a lot of Madden so maybe I am qualified as well? :smile:


You could actually be overqualified.



Eagles, that is all.

Brown wants out of PA.


Eagles v Bears will be a good one.


Dammit, the Cowboys game starts 2:15 AM in my time zone. :frowning:


Playoff Time!!!

German TV broadcasts all games as far as I know. Hyped!

(I will try and record the Cowboys game. Might watch it if it is good).


Also nice to see good old Jason Witten as an expert for ESPN.

Right now the Texans are struggling a bit. Looking forward to what they come up with in the second half.


Houston, we have a problem…0-21


Frank Reich totally looks like Steven Spielberg.
Also his name looks like the German name for France (Frankreich).


Argh Cowboys vs. Seahawks isn’t a good game to watch on German TV.
Seattle has a lot of fans in Germany and even the commentators seem to be… a bit biased.

You notice it in small things like when they introduced the teams with short videos and the Seattle top players on defense and offense were highlighted, the ones from Dallas weren’t.
The commentators also call the Seahawks players by their names quite often, and way less often for the Cowboys.

A bit sad since normally they are quite neutral. Exceptions are the Patriots, Seahawks, and one or two other teams that are eather popular here.

And F**** I think Hurns just broke his ankle.


Thrilling game so far, but it is four o’clock in the morning here, and I really have to go to bed. :frowning:


I just watched the whole review. Seems the second half was as good as the first one.
A pity I didn’t get to watch it, recording didn’t work unfortunately.
Right now I am soaking up everything I can find, like press conferences and highlight videos.
(Let’s be realistic, it might very well be the last win of the season for them).

Next up for Dallas: Either Rams or Saints. Not quite sure. But either one will be a tough game, for sure.
I am termpted to prefer the Saints, because the Boys beat them already this season, but then they still have Drew Brees which is IMO one of the greatest, maybe the greatest QB right now. His precision is astonishing. He will have watched quite some videos and he will be able to find ways around any defense.

I think the Dallas run defense can handle the Rams’ Todd Gurley, but I am not quite sure if they can handle Jared Goff’s passing or if the Dallas O-line can stop the force of nature that is Aaron Donald. Seriously, that guy even beats Demarcus Lawrence in my book, a really scary player. How can such a big man move so quickly?!


Now watching Chargers vs. Ravens of course.

Lamar Jackson looks like a young Michael Vick. I like that QB, he brings some action.


Something funny just happened.
I was watching football and my three year old daughter was watching with me.
Occasionally she asked about the teams and their logos so I showed her all the NFL logos and jersey colors on my laptop. She already has remembered some of the team names!

We talked a bit about my favourite team and those of my wife and brother.

She paused for a moment, then she asked:

“Hey Daddy, what are the people with the funny sheep picture and the sheep horns on the helmet called again?”
I said “Those are the Rams”
She thought a bit and then she said: “I like those best”.

So… I guess we have a Rams fan here now.
…could be worse I guess. :slight_smile:


She could be cheering for the Pats.


Let’s not kid ourselves. Female NFL fans looooove Tom Brady. Sigh.

Eagles and Chicago today…! I’m prepared for both victory and disappointment - I’m an experienced Eagles fan.


Even though they scored a TD while I am writing this: That poor guy.
Lamar Jackson isn’t a bad QB, but right now the game is just over his head. Everything seems to be against him. O-line fails, receivers drop the ball, he stumbles and fumbles.

So now it slowly getting better, but too late I think.
Jackson will be on the receiving side of a lot of fire in the next few days. I hope his career will survive it because I see a lot of potential in him.