Aginor's weird NFL thread


“This… is a simple game. You throw the ball. You hit the ball. You catch the ball.”


Triggered! :smile:

Hmmm yeah I admit you got me interested.
I’ll try and learn a bit about the game, and see if I can watch a game or two.

How does the schedule work?
The number of games you mentioned looks… big. Compared to football at least. If the games are in the evening (US time) I I will not be able to watch them at all (I have to rely on shady live streams, there are no German TV stations that broadcast baseball).

Hmmm… we might have to split those last few posts into an extra thread indeed…


You want to get into baseball, look up the “Big Red Machine”.
That’s what I grew up with and still a Red’s fan.

ps next, we’ll get you hooked on March Maddness!-)


We should’ve led with that…

On a related note, Go Pack!!


I started my Baseball thread here:


Absolutely! Did I mention I’m a Villanova alumni? (Class of 1985) Go Wildcats! :basketball:


You shouldn’t have told me that…


Gee…thanks for that…

When I was in that Band- VU Pep Band–we won the NCAA National Championship (in 1985.) I was at the game and I got my picture in Sports Illustrated…but I guess the “Smiling Saxophonist in a Navy ball cap with an incredibly cheesy 1980s-era mustache” just isn’t as catchy as “Crying Piccolo Girl”…go figure…:roll_eyes:


Oh come on…
Again the Cowboys game is the only one I cannot watch because it is broadcasted starting at frikkin’ 2:15 o’clock in the morning.
F*[email protected]%


It will be over by 0630…just in time for work! :slightly_smiling_face:


If it wasn’t my son’s birthday today I’d just sleep the whole day and get up when the games start.

Not an option unfortunately.


Nobody said being a Cowboy’s fan was easy :wink:


@discobot fortune will Hangar200 wake up to a Cowboys win?



:crystal_ball: Outlook good




Aginor drink an afternoon bier and tell your family that daddy needs a little nap. I get away with this Sat afternoons. Great time for sleeping :sleeping:


Yeah normally I would have done that. :slight_smile:
But even I cannot just leave my wife alone with my son’s second Birthday party and all the people.


Some Browns fans would like to have a word with you…


Man those Chiefs know how to start off a game!


Cowboys defense looks good so far.
“Bend but don’t break”.

Sure they cannot force the Rams to zero points, but three points per drive isn’t bad at all.

I hope they can keep it that way, and score some more points themselves.