Aginor's weird NFL thread


I have a rather bad feeling right now.
The offense doesn’t really click.

And dumb fouls on defense too.

Going to go to bed after the first half.


Looks like it might be two noncompetitive playoff games in a row…



Rams defense played pretty good there in the end. Stood up Elliot several times…just swarmed the line. Not sure what the overall time of possession was, but it seemed like Dallas defense was on the field a lot in that first half…? I sort of thought Dallas was peaking at just the right time, or maybe the Rams are just that good.

Fingers crossed for Eagles vs. Saints tomorrow. Crazier things have happened.


Yeah I just watched the review and it seems that the defense - while not being too shabby at all this year - could not find a recipe against the run there.
Meanwhile the Rams defense worked very well against the run, so the Rams won and they deserved it.

I am still quite happy about the Cowboys season.
They finished with 10 regular season wins, won the division, and they won a playoff game.
The defense improved a lot.
The offense did… mediocre, despite heavy losses on what originally made it great (the O-line) and they got some great reinforcements (Gallup, Cooper)

So I can understand why Jason Garrett said he is hyped for the future. A few good draft picks and they will be heading for the playoffs again next season.

And reading some comments on the net I wonder if people forget whom the Cowboys were playing against.
The Rams won 13 regular season games for a reason. They are as hot as no other team right now (except maybe the Chiefs, but IMO they are the more complete team compared to those).
Give them some credit. The Cowboys didn’t lose because they played bad, they lost because the Rams were just better.


Ok…still a big difference between the “not easy” for a Cowboy’s fan and the “darn near impossible” for a Browns fan…


Sad, one of my favorite Miami Dolphins passed away.

RIP Kuech


Now let’s see which of those two offenses scores more points, I think it might really come down to that.


…is the Chargers pass defense even on the field?
Lots of wide open receivers for Brady.


Rivers is so far in the hole in his head right now. You can see his frustration and just nothing is going right for them. Meanwhile, the Pats are playing like the Pats…just demolishing everything. I halfway expected them to try an onside kick at the beginning of the 2nd half…because…well…Belichick…


Yeah that game was pretty boring.
But now Eagles vs. Saints, and it starts off with a bang!


Injuries are starting to pile up in this game for the Eagles…getting nervous…


If the Pats play this well next weekend against Kansas City they are going to have their hands full.



Holy crap what a NFC championship game!

But sad because of the extreme error by the refs there, that cost the Saints the game.

Edit: of course that wasn’t the only thing.
The Saints could have just run the ball and kick the FG without time on the clock.
…or scored a TD in the first quarter.
It wasn’t only the refs.


The Chiefs defense did not look good on the Patriots’ first drive. Early in the game, but KC needs to answer or this could be a long night for them, IMO. The Pats obviously have another gear when it comes to post season.


Yeah. And the Patriots defense also looks good.
I think it might become a one sided game.


Yeah…that bad call had several components I thought:

Pass interference since he hit the guy before the ball arrived.
Pass interference because he didn’t turn around to make a play on the ball.
Hitting a defenseless receiver.
Helmet to helmet hit.

I mean…that was a pretty terrible call and probably cost the Saints the game. Of course, all games have bad calls that playing better should overcome, but that was pretty painful to watch. Hope the refs have an armored car to leave that stadium. New Orleans can be pretty rough.

Nice pick just happened by the Chiefs…


Huge stand for the KC D.


BTW, I’m a huge Parrot-head, but Jimmy’s a songwriter, not a singer… just saying.
A post on Twitter said, “now I know why people get so drunk at his concerts”. Yep.

Go KC (long time Dolphin’s fan, Patriots hater here)


Well, I did appreciate that he just straight up sung the song and didn’t try to twist it into some lyrical masterpiece.


Out-coached and outplayed by the masters.