Aginor's weird NFL thread


Yeah, I know it is kind of a big deal for y’all.

Even in Germany Basketball (although still miles behind soccer) is a sport that is played and watched by many people. I even had to play a bit myself, in school. I hated it.

And I don’t really enjoy watching it either. I don’t know why exactly, probably too many scoring plays, it makes me dizzy. Same goes for another sport that is very popular here in Germany: Handball.
When your opponent scores 20 to 30 times and that means you had good defense… (both in Handball and in Basketball a good defense usually still means that your opponent scores in around 40% of his attempts, 50% means that that you have a really bad defense IIRC)
Nope, not for me.


Hmmm…I’d have to look…scoring per possession? or scoring per shot from the field? I know the latter \statistic is kept - per team and for each player in a game.


To be honest: I don’t know. I had those numbers in my head but cannot find a confirmation for them right now.
But it would fit my impression that in Basketball you cannot cheer and drink a shot each time someone scores, as it should be.

Anyway here is a site that lists teams’ defensive efficiency and other stuff, but… I don’t know what some of those numbers mean…


Btw here is a picture of my cat during the Super Bowl.


You cannot? Somebody should have told me that before I started college! (Heck, we used to do shots on the way to the game! Everytime the bus went into a tunnel we’d shout “Eclipse” and throw back a Prairie Fire (Jack & Tabasco).

A good College Hoops stats site! An important stat to watch is %FG (FG made / FG attempted). That’s telling you how well a team is shooting while playing.

Team Opponent Percent of Points from 2 Pointers is an indicator of the close-in defense but does not take into account 3 pt shots and free throws. As far as defensive stats go, I look at turnovers and defensive rebounds. You also want to look at the fouling averages since while you may be defending well, if your are doing so at the price of more fouls/game it probably isn’t getting you anywhere.

Scores from turnovers is a good indicator of how well a team is playing on both defense and offense.

I previously mentioned VU’s emphasis on 3pt shots. From the stats site, they are #4 in 3 pt attempts (29.8/game) and #5 in 3 pt shots made (11/game) . So on average they are scoring 33 points/game from the 3 pt line. I think that tends to spread a defense…guard against the 3 pt threat and you are more open to allowing the opponent to get to “the paint” for higher % 2 pt shots.

The only things that prevented me from playing college basketball were talent, skill and height…although I was pretty good at the moving screen (which unfortunately is a foul). :grinning:

I’ll wait until March Madness then start a College Hoops thread. I’ve really enjoyed this thread. Hopefully we’ll see some more posts at Draft time.


Oh lord, it’s looking like it’s going to be another painful end of the season for us, especially if the game against VT Saturday was any indication. NC State set the NCAA record for the worst shooting from the field in decades- 16.7%.


Are you sure you aren’t Irish? :smiley: :smiley:
Also: that sounds disgusting to be honest…


A huge part of the American college experience is making as many horrible decisions as possible in as short a time as possible (see also: Jaegerbombs, Fireball, Natty Light…). We haven’t really covered here the tailgate experience as it relates to college football, have we?


Oh man, I’ve seen the Buffalo Bills fans jump into tables and stuff, so yeah, quite the experience I guess. :smile:


@discobot fortune
Will the Patriots tie the bills record of 4 consecutive Superbowl appearances by going to Superbowl 54 next year?



:crystal_ball: You may rely on it


Miami Dolphins announced a new head coach today…

…and, at this point, the only reason I’m still a Dolfan.


LOL. Half Irish. The other half is German ancestry. Last name is Kotheimer. :sunglasses:


Ok, half Irish and half German… yep, that explains the hard drinking. :smile:


You would have had a lot of “fun” with that name in a native German speaking armed service…


Yeah…I’ve been told…but then again I lived in Germany for three years, had a lot of German friends and they never mentioned anything.


Anyone watching the AAF?
I am going to check it out (no time last weekend but might watch a game today), some interesting rules there. Might also be interesting as a second chance for some players, and also from an NFL draft perspective.


I watched a game. It’s different with no kickoffs or PATs, but it’s football.
So I’ll probably watch another game.


Watching Orlando vs. San Antonio now.


I like the game so far. Some nice plays both on offense and defense from both teams.
In fact the game I am watching is quite a bit more enjoyable to watch than the Super Bowl. Although that is not hard. :smiley:

I am surprised I don’t miss the Kickoffs, but I kinda like the forced 2-pt conversions.

I also like the fewer commercial breaks and that they mic’d up the coaches and QBs and even the video ref so you can hear them talking.
The camera angles are quite good IMO. It feels like you often can see a bit more of the defensive back field.

I would say the level is between college football and NFL, but it does look like professional football.