Aginor's weird NFL thread


Travis Scott, which will be something to look forward to.

Even more so, Big Boi, half of Outkast, will apparently be on-stage. Hopefully the hip-hop parts won’t be too watered down by CBS.


Yes! Only that, and Brady’s first throw is prolly the only thing worth watching.


There appears to be a distinct lack of good commercials thus far…


Lol Brady just tried to throw a pass to Sean McVay. :smile:


Wow, and I thought the game was bad…



IMO the half time show was better than the one last year, but yeah… still not great.

As for the game: I like to see good defense, and both defenses are going well right now.
Still… I understand that not everybody enjoys that as much as I do.


That really isn’t saying much. :rofl:


Hoping for a better second half. At least the score is - ah - close And I found out that I’m an Atlien.

I thought the Bud Light corn syrup commercial brilliant. FYI, Corona Light has corn syrup as well, not that I think that should sway your choice :slight_smile:

On the other hand and speaking of Bud Light dilly dilly, I was trying to wrap my head around the Game of Thrones collaboration when my wife, who is in marketing with a large beverage company based in Atlanta, had to fill me in. She said that usually it’s considered a desperate move to attempt a tie-in of such an unrelated brand. I’ll let the MBAs work that out.




Yeah. That was probably the least exciting Super Bowl ever.
Some good defense plays on both side but overall… underwhelming.


Yeah…actually there were a number of years where the Super Bowl could have been called the Super-Underwhelming Bowl. During that timeframe, there was one game that was pretty good and the following Sports Illustrated cover headline read “This One Really Was Super”…or something like that.

Well, now that the pro football season is over, we need to get you up to speed for the rest of the college basketball season…of course when I say “college basketball” I mean Villanova Basketball.

Villanova beat Georgetown yesterday but for most of the game it was closer than it should have been.

Gillespie was on fire from the 3pt line; was the VU high scorer up with 30. Booth only had 2 at the half but ended up with 14. So VU is on top of Big East conference (9-0)…but has Marquette (ranked 10 in the nation; 8-1 in the Big East) this coming Saturday. That will be a critical game. :basketball:


I hate to say it as I see you are very excited about it, but Basketball is so uninteresting to me, I cannot even find words for it.
I totally understand that those are great athletes and all, but… no. Just like Tennis for me.


One last dig at Brady. Why, because I’m a Dolphin’s fan!


I am that way with pro basket ball…a bunch of millionaires running around in their gym shorts…just doesn’t do it for me.

College hoops is different. It’s all about the schools and their programs and their coaches. For one thing, college teams can play zone defense, so you actually have a defensive strategy to watch vs the pro man-to-man (yawn).

Then there is VU coach Jay Wright’s offensive strategy, heavily emphasizing 3pt shots…will it change the game? Last year something like 36% of VU’s points came from 3pt shots. Before Sunday’s game it was above 40%…that’s unheard of…the down side being that there are more misses from that range…more chances for a defensive rebound. So…

Last week the Wildcats were 14 in the nation. The win over Georgetown was weak so I don’t think they will go much higher if any.

I’m on my iPad now but when I get back to my laptop, I think I’ll start a Hangar’s Wierd College Hoops page…


Live in the LA area and I can’t stand the Rams or the Chargers so even though I am not a Pats fan I am happy they beat the Rams. Only thing that would have made the win better is if the Pats had beat them by 40 plus points.



Pretty spot-on with regards to LA and the NFL.


I have always been this way too. My whole family has been. Pro basketball is just unwatchable, But College is an easy watch for me. Unfortunately football is getting that way as well.


Every poll and every initiative that was floated to bring the NFL back to LA for twenty years was shot down by the constituents that were going to have to pay for it. We knew the NFL needed the TV revenue LA generates more than we needed them and we were and are tired of getting bent over just to say we had/have an NFL team. Even after twenty years it was our leaders who couldn’t grasp that fact.

We have the Angels, Dodgers, Clippers, Lakers, Sparks (WNBA), Kings, Ducks and the Galaxy and that’s just the Pro teams. Throw in all the college teams and we sure as heck didn’t need an NFL team, let alone two, to get our sports fix.



Aginor, just to let you grasp the importance of college hoops in this area of the country.
The President of the United States of America will present the State of the Union message tomorrow night. A big deal, right?

All the news stations around here are stating that no matter, the NC State vs UNC game will NOT be pre-empted. :slight_smile: