Aginor's weird NFL thread


Watching Memphis Express vs. Atlanta Legends now.


So the Giants are rebuilding it would seem…


Desean Jackson going back to the Eagles is certainly interesting. He was a pretty good player for us back in the day, but he also had some distracting off the field antics. So I’m conflicted on it. And of course, I cried man-tears hearing that Foles is heading out. Funny, because now the pressure is on Wentz to fill his back-up’s shoes… :upside_down_face:

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Couldn’t have happened to a nicer wide receiver. I’d say what I really think of him, but apparently the cussing filters are acting up.


@BeachAV8R I was surprised Foles didn’t go last off season. SB MVP the eagles could have gotten a good value for him. And I think the Eagles are in trouble with Wentz. But I could be wrong.

@Navynuke99 I agree but who lost in that trade?


As a Browns fan, I can’t say I’m overly excited about this acquisition. Seems like a HUGE ego for a 2nd year QB to try and work with. That said, doesn’t seem like Mayfield is afraid of challenges.


As a closet Brown’s fan, I’m excited about this, BUT. Not sure if this is best combination for Mayfield.
Odell, although very gifted, is a head case, and you don’t want to contain Mayfield but you don’t want him distracted either.

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I also think that Mayfield + OBJ might be a nicely working combination. Surely sounds exciting for the Browns.

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Still holding out hope that the Dolphins fall into a winning season with a run deep into the playoffs, hoping for a Superbowl run is too much to expect, sometime soon since their planned ones never seem to be successful anymore.


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I am seriously concerned about the Cowboys. I don’t see a lot of new promising personnel for the offense (And Cole Beasley left. :frowning: Witten is back but I am not sure he will make the difference…), and the defense lost a few of their star players (Lawrence and Gregory).


Meanwhile watching the AAF,
Memphis vs. Salt Lake City.


Drugs must be good in California wheels :slight_smile:

Phins just traded their best defensive player (Cameron Wake), and QB Tannahill to the Titans…

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And if the Phins sign Colin Kaepernick, I’m out.

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Missed that.

On that we agree.



Now watching the AAF, San Antonio Commanders vs. Atlanta Legends.


Oh and @piper and @wheelsup_cavu it seems the Dolphins signed Fitzpatrick!

…I honestly don’t know if that is good or bad news… :smiley:


Me thinks its a stop gap.


Did you hear that???

That’s Belichick laughing…


Watching the AAF, San Diego Fleet vs. Arizona Hotshots


Now watching Apollos vs. Express.
Nice game so far, much better than expected.