AH2XP Update Thread

Hotfix for the issue @Chipwich experienced maybe…!


Hotfix 1 (v2.0.0.21)

  • Resolved an issue when uploading a Cargo Job to a VA
  • AH2 will now create the Output\FMS Plans directory if it doesn’t exist
  • Resolved issue with Office Designer saving to incorrect location
  • Resolved issue with scenery import and missing datum_lat/lon entries
  • Resolved issue when importing Heliports
  • AH2 will now allow you to overload the aircraft slightly (circa 10%)
  • When choosing “Fly Now” on a Cargo Job, AH2 will select the first aircraft at the start location by default
  • Fixed issue where Fuel to load in the Network Mode dialog was showing an incorrect value
  • Max Pax and Range colums now sort correctly in Aircraft Management
  • Resolved aircraft importing issue if ICAO Type missing in .acf file
  • Resolved issue where AH2 would report “Wrong location” incorrectly for an aircraft
  • Fixed issue whereby Flight Monitoring would report “Waiting” when it was actually connected
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My issue specifically was offloading cargo while I also had fuel listed as cargo. This will be addressed in the next hotfix. So don’t ferry fuel and move cargo together until the update. Probably won’t happy often regardless.

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There’s no updater for this right? You just have to know and go download the new version?


Yeah - I sure would like an updater that prompts you and asks to go fetch the files. Not necessarily an auto-updater, but one that doesn’t require an uninstall, full download, reinstall…

That’s what this thread is for :grin:

wait what? you have to uninstall then install a new version? It doesn’t just install over the old one?

The version I downloaded earlier today (not the hotfix) when I launched it - it said “uninstall AH2” (which I did…but apparently it saves your user data) and then reinstalled the updated version (make sure you point it to the same exact location…)

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Just got an email saying there’s updated software for download :slightly_smiling_face:

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I feel like I’m still just going to shut the sim down and load it again. The not cold and dark thing is annoying but I don’t have to worry about messing up the setup of the flight.


Yeah…I’m always fearful of losing a leg I already flew…

Not exactly an update, more of a tip. I noticed that if you follow the instructions to resume last flight when X-Plane has loaded to it’s menu screen, the previous scenario/flight will load first, and then the Air Hauler flight… that could mean a long delay if you were somewhere else in an OrbX area. I found that if I set up a new flight to match the Air Hauler departure airport, it will load that twice too, but reloading the same scenery a second time is much quicker… I hope that makes some kind of sense!


New update out.

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New update. And this one fixes the cargo jobs looks like.

Just a first glance, but I now have jobs showing from non-base locations. Looks like there was a bug that’s been fixed per the patch notes. That should make things a bit more interesting when planning jobs :slight_smile:

Also gets rid of the skater prompt and a bunch of other things are updated.


Pretty good updating pace, that’s good to see.

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