Air Combat Sim Podcast #17 Part1

Fantastic show with DCS Community Manager Norm;


Listened to this today and liked what I heard from @NineLine. I know that we have a healthy Early Access thread going on right now, but wanted to say that the first thing that I did with the Viper was go for a flight in VR. Sitting in that plexiglass bubble with the world surrounding me while I grasped such power in my hands was well worth the entry fee IMO.

I can understand both points of view, especially those who focus on multiplayer. But from my perspective, I’m glad that they released it when they did. I really enjoy multiplayer missions, but foremost I love airplanes and flying them in VR. I’ll never have the chance to pilot anything hotter than a Vans RV in real life, so I’m guess that I’m a sucker for something like a VR capable F-16. I’ve got not a milligram of buyer’s remorse.


Amen brother, and it’s only been getting better with every update. Can’t wait what the tweaks to the FM bring. Rawr!


I wasn’t active in DCS when the Viper was released but I bought it last year during the free month for ~20€ (lots of miles from my F/A-18C, F-14A/B and PG shopping spree). Fantastic value and it has come a long way since then. It’s a fun little jet!

I enjoyed the Podcast as well. I really like how ED has changed its approach to early access and the update cycle. It wasn’t always smooth sailing but it is a vast improvment compared to that crazy one update per week cycle from before.


FYI Part #2 is Up


Thanks! Sorry it took me so long to come visit.