Air Hauler 2 for X-Plane discussion thread

So with the exciting news (to me) that the X-Plane version of Air Hauler 2 is nearing release, now is a good time to start talking about it.

From Scott at JustFlight, posted last Friday (April 17, 2020):

“There’s not too long to wait now guys, we appreciate your patience. All is going well, just a few more bits to sort and test and we’ll be there. Still hope to have it released this month, or very latest first part of May.”

I’m obviously pretty excited about this and will be migrating the smoldering remains of my Mudspike Air Cargo company to the new platform.

My question for you guys…even though I don’t know exactly what will be included in Air Hauler 2 for XP (AH2XP is what I’m going to call it now) - what are you guys going to do with regards to starting up your company?

  1. What is your start option going to be? Zero dollars and a loan or will you kick start and take the option (likely to be an option) of $100K or $500K or $1M in startup funds?

Personally, I like to start from scratch and build up. You know the old saying in aviation though…“you know the best way to make a million dollars in aviation - start with two million!”

  1. Where do you plan to start your base? Bush flyer or international airport?

  2. Custom scenery or stock stuff?

  3. What is your plane of preference?

  4. Sole proprietor or are you going to hire pilots?

I’m tempted to make a larger Mudspike Air Cargo and open it up to all of Mudspike. Maybe Mudspike Air Cargo Holdings (MACH…a nice acronym) - you guys interested?


I’d fly for Mudspike Air Cargo. I prefer the smaller aircraft, so starting at the bottom would be fine by me. PNW would be my region of choice, with operations all the way up from Washington State up through British Columbia and into Alaska (eventually… that’s a long way in a single engine Cessna!). .


That would be my preference as well…and all the way down to central California too since I own ORBX Washington, Oregon, and Nor Cal. The PNW has such a great mix of terrain and interesting weather.

I love searching for an Air Hauler base too. It is like doll making for flight sim nerds. I look at the runway length, approaches, nearby routes, and in Air Hauler you have to consider opening and management costs.


I guess the SF.260 doesn’t carry enough cargo to make it viable… :rofl: It needs cargo pods under the wings!

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Well, not all cargo requires a lot of space! As a stakeholder I vote for MAC to move to the more… in demand illicit goods… You know… Drugs!

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Air Hauler does have drug contracts. Although I think the are officially classified as “Narcotics” maybe (?). I didn’t fly too many of those in the P3D version…they tended to be long legs. But probably fairly lucrative from a weight vs. pay standpoint. As long as you could double-dip and add traditional cargo to the same or a nearby destination they could be worthwhile piggyback loads.

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Perfection! All in favour? Yes!

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Is there a risk of getting pulled over and losing plane, business and freedom?

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I like this!
I wanna fly bush ops. Fighting terrain and weather to deliver on time…

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Ooh good questions. I want to fly bush and smaller operations from my local airfields in the uk and then build it up to larger operations run by employees with me doing the local fun flights.

Having a purpose to civilian sims is something I’ve needed for a long time. I need a overriding reason to fly or I get tired quickly. I’ve dreamed of owning a transport company (road or air) all my life and I really enjoy micro managing things.
(My X3 Albion prelude EMPIRE proves this…its epic)


Interesting: that’s kinda how I did it with FSX a ways back (or was it P3D?, don’t remember, or both). Would probably do same if I got into XP again. C206 was well made and fun for a starter.

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I’ve been thinking about this too … but for me it is mostly the last four.

Probably enough to get me started in a small aircraft with local, limited routes. I don’t mind paying back but I also don’t want to be saddled with too much debt and make it a chore :slight_smile:

I like the idea of the west coast - though I am an east coaster I like the scenery available through ORBx, though I would fill that out with the coast of BC and Alaska.

For me it’s probably custom, either Ortho I build or ORBx I guess. I’d like to keep it out of the money sink but having a few areas with good bush options would be nice :slight_smile:

Probably staying out of anything heavy. Up the the King Air 350 for me. I like the smaller, weirder aircraft.

Probably start solo (or as part of a Mudspike group). May add AI pilots if it can free up the chores and allow me the privilege of being owner (or whatever) and choosing what to fly :slight_smile:


Yes, Air Hauler does this and is what kept me in P3D for a long while. Until DCS came out with VR. Why, IMO, they [DCS] need a Dynamic Campaign: gives purpose to all that training I do (it worked for me in BMS)

Zero Dollars.

international, as I plan to start at my local airport.

Stock, but I may edit my local airport to give it more life.

Hmmm, depends but maybe start with a C208 and work my way up. My goal would be a 767

Start solo, but hire so i can make money faster.

Im excited for AH2 I havent played AH in years. i had fun.




I started with the Maule in P3D. In my real career - the first freight hauler I flew was a Cessna 172RG…so I might go with something like that.


My Air Hauler hangar is going to be quite varied! I wonder how cost effective the Vulcan would be… there would be quite a saving on landing fees. Literally drop and go! :sunglasses::rofl:


Well…if you end up owing anyone some money…you can just make a more…compelling delivery…


Make them an offer they can’t refuse eh? I like it! :sunglasses:

I might start with the 172. Do some hauling and maybe work up to a dc 3.

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