Air Hauler 2 for XP11 coming in 2020!

Day 1 purchase for me!!!


Oh shiz. Time to start flying again!!!

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Expand your company into an online Virtual Airline where other pilots can fly passenger routes and cargo jobs for your new venture – select jobs from a global shared job board and allow users to help you manage your virtual airline and fly, expand and maintain your fleet!

Does this mean we can have a MudSpike Air Cargo Company?


I think I would definitely be up for that…


Sounds cool ! :slight_smile:

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Great news!!


Noticed this too, got to be done I think.

You know what, hope we get a MS2020 Air Hauler too once the sim is out, my only worry about the new sim is that in the haste to get it released, it might not have the sense of purpose or mission structure that made FSX so much fun at times.

Really enjoy Air Hauler with FSX and P3D, one of the best FS add-ons ever IMHO.

That would be nice. I have done all the steps for using AH1 in XP11 but have not yet actually done anything with it.

After thousands of hours flying AH1 in FSX and later P3D (I spent a couple of years on the test team for AH1) I have suddenly found myself very bored with it. Seriously - I got all the data for importing more aircraft than I care to remember (if anyone wants that database just shout) and that alone took many hundreds of hours. Now every time I start a new company, it never lasts more than a few flights.

Flying AH2 in XP11 could be the required breath of fresh air.

Of course, by then we might all have ditched everything current for FS 2020 :crazy_face:

Dont worry, there are no helos in FSXX yet so we are covered for '20 with XP :slight_smile:

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Hey Brix, is that data in a spreadsheet or a format that you could upload here? That’s probably the biggest pain, tracking down performance data for aircraft that AH needs. Thank you.

Do you guys know “Onair Company” ?

It just went from beta to release and got a free trial till Nov 29. I talked to the developers a few weeks ago and they told me that it’s released now but still a product in development with lot’s of idea’s what to add. Should be an MMO… Have not find the real MMO part yet.

It looks and feels ok to me, but it will be on a monthly fee, something around $6,-. Not sure if I’m ready for an subscription, coming from FSE.


Looks interesting…I don’t have any experience with it though… Thanks for the link…! Welcome to Mudspike!

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